Oftentimes, technical support services are confused with customer service. But they are not the same thing. Customer service is all about catering to customer needs for optimal experience whereas technical support is more about fixing issues related to technology that customers may have. Technical Support Services are difficult to find therefore it is important to keep in mind all the pros and cons before outsourcing a technical Support Services company, to avoid getting into the wrong hands. 

Below is the list of the top 5 technical support services companies in Canada that offer: live Chat Support, IT Maintenance, IT Support Services, software support services, dedicated quality assurance department for assistance, and more. 

So let’s jump in.


If you are looking for round-the-clock, customer-centric technical support then InvoZone is your go-to company. Apart from offering custom software development including intuitive mobile applications and website development, the company offers 24/7 real-time technical support services. InvoZone is considered one of the leading technical support outsourcing companies in Canada, featured in press releases by Top developers, Good firms, and Clutch. Customers can demand live chat support for their queries on the spot. Moreover, by hiring technical support technicians you can cut your costs, and boost your performance altogether. They also offer multiple engagement models. You can hire project-based support professionals, or hire dedicated developers at an hourly rate, or even get a dedicated team of developers to fit your needs. In case you are not sure which model to choose, ping their support team for assistance.

Agents Republic

The company is headquartered in Vancouver Canada. It has been around for 12 years with specialization in cloud-based contact center outsourcing with a global workforce. Agents republic provides omnichannel customer support in multiple languages with home-based agents and the latest technology available. They believe in excellence, client focus, commitment, integrity, diversity, and inclusion. Moreover, they are dedicated to helping their clients and global teams with technical issues, monitoring and maintaining IT systems to streamline business operations. Their technical service fee is around $8 – 35 per hour based on skill-set. 

High Tech Genesis

The company was founded in 2008 and has years of expertise and skills focused on software and test engineering. Along with development, deployment for the cloud, they have a team of networking engineers to provide infrastructure consulting to teach and train developers how their product is going to be used in the field. They have clients from all around the world, and in different industries working on cutting-edge projects. High tech genesis has a team size of over 50 employees. They are a customer-centric company that considers clients as their biggest assets and differentiators. Additionally, they believe in ethics and diversity, and a positive sense of humor. 

Revolutions Network 

It is an Ottawa-based company. Revolutions network provides three core services namely; Customer support, Network services, and IT services. Moreover, IT consulting is provided upon business request. They ensure that the network infrastructure is optimized and that the business has a proactive approach to unforeseen circumstances such as disasters or security breaches. They help businesses become more efficient with their help desk service. Their help desk infrastructure can quickly and efficiently provide telephone, remote, and/or extended support to ensure that companies have the guidance needed to develop a network that is strong, resilient, and thoroughly future-facing.

Gatestone & Co. 

The company has been providing Customer Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions since 1978 to a variety of markets around the world. Moreover, they offer fully integrated multilingual Contact Center facilities operating around the clock. Through their expertise and technology, they ensure all the right business outcomes while elevating customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Why Do you Need Technical Support Service

Many technical support services are considered an expert in their field and therefore, many companies need their services for quicker resolutions.

Many organizations have a single person responsible for resolving customer’s technical issues which may not be very productive. So to cater to every issue and to implement necessary technical changes it is extremely important to utilize the knowledge of an entire team rather than an individual. Therefore, technical support teams can handle multiple issues simultaneously and give you a chance to focus on core business operations. 

Moreover outsourcing technical support service providers foster personal relationships, collaboration, and partnerships. They are always available to assist and help you to succeed. And this way you also get to share knowledge. Also, outsourcing can provide you with different perspectives for solving an issue. Collaborating with a third party can also be very valuable for your time and cost. 

Additionally, just installing an infrastructure is not enough, you need someone who can take care of it, maintain and upgrade it when needed. The reason why it’s always better to have professionals taking care of your technical structures. 

The Role of Technical Support Services 

Following are some of the key advantages for outsourcing a technical support services staff:

  • Enhances communication with your clients with 24/7 availability
  • Maintaining and upgrading the physical infrastructures 
  • Have knowledge about the latest in tech and risks associated with it
  • Facilitates companies with reducing the costs and compliance issues
  • Leads to quicker resolution time
  • Long term partners