If you are looking for a catering service in the bay area you have a big list to choose from. There are many bay area catering companies who can provide for your gourmet requirement. However, that does not make it the best catering service. To be the best, the service must have the ability to create an unforgettable event. It needs to exceed your expectations. This calls for impeccable service accompanied by innovative cuisine and creative presentation. So, how do you make sure that you have hired the best catering company? Here is a guide.

• Choose quality over convenience

People often make the mistake of choosing convenience over quality. However, this is a wrong policy. If you are doing that you may be trading quality in service and food preparation for convenience. So, don’t make that mistake. If you are looking for convenience like ease of delivery or take away make sure that the consideration comes last.

• Make sure the catering service can customize your services according to needs

Catering requirements vary depending on venue, menu and occasion. So, if you are going for a barbeque catering service, make sure that it has one or more servers present throughout the event to cater to individual bbq requests.

• Caters to every type of guest

Indeed, you can have vegan guests in the event. So, keep it in mind that the catering service can cater to all types of guests in the same event. While deciding on a barbeque service you need to keep in mind that there may be some vegan guests too. So, make sure that the catering service is experienced in serving food to vegan and vegetarian guests.

• Sanitization and cleanliness

The previous year has been tough and distressing. With the roll out of vaccination program people have just started to come out of their houses and enjoy parties, anniversaries and social gatherings. But that does not make social distancing and sanitization obsolete. In fact, you still need to maintain these standards. As one of the most sensitive industries in terms of spread of COVID 19 as well as that is severely affected by the pandemic, the caterer have to make sure that sanitization and cleanliness is a part of their service. So, be sure the catering company is following the sanitization guidelines and proactively participating in the Covid 19 drives and programs.

• Booking for future events

Make sure that the catering service is booking for future events. Although it is not possible to anticipate any change in guidelines in Alameda county, booking services for future events may be booked. Otherwise, you may be in trouble finding catering in bay area on the eve of the event. See if you can get booking for the month of JUNE and thereafter.

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COVID 19 has taught us the value of safety measures. So, while selecting a catering service make sure that it offers the highest level of safety. People delivering the order must wear mask and gloves. Also, make sure that they give you the option of leavingthe order at your door and you take up the task of catering on yourself.