Every country has its own unique dish. It creates an identity for that country and grabs the attention of people from another region. However, it has also been observed that a particular cuisine of a specific country has been accepted worldwide.

In that case, that particular food will take different shapes in different regions. Consistently, it loses its original identification. Meanwhile, if you plan to start a restaurant in the UK, it is better, to begin with, traditional food.

Going a bit away from this topic, we would like to suggest that to begin your own restaurant. You may take out for loans for people to add on benefits. However, back to the topic, before you start your own traditional restaurant, let me tell you what traditional food is actually.

What is traditional food?

Cooking is all about telling stories. Thus traditional foods are such a type of cuisine that creates identification for a particular class, tribe, region, state, and country. Generally, every country has its own style of cuisine, and it creates discrimination.

When it comes to the matter of British cuisines, no wonder there is lots of variety. Generally, a dish that represents its true origin is known as traditional food. It should not undergo any processing or modernization.

Besides, foods that are good for health for long come under the traditional genre. Generally, only those cuisines get the trademark of traditional ones, which is free from adulteration. Therefore, if you are going to open a restaurant, you must keep all these mouth-watering traditional dishes on the menu card.

Top 6 mouth-watering traditional cuisines of British people

  1. Shepherd’s Pie

If you are looking for a full meal, you must try shepherd’s Pie atleast once. First cooked by the people of Scotland and later by the people of Northern part of England it is actually a cuisine which made of vegetable and meat. Usually, lamb and potato together smashed into a paste and enjoyed with a pie.

However, some may use beef instead of lamb. Shepherd’s Pie is best for family dining, and there is nothing joyous than having a delicious shepherd’s Pie with family. If a person really wants to taste the best Pie, then he needs to visit Ivy of London.

  1. Beef Wellington

The name of this cuisine originates from the famous persona, Duke of Wellington. The originator of this dish expressed his gratitude towards his Duke.  It is actually a beef fillet which coats with steak and then rolled with delicious pastry.

However, this famous dish stands for nobility and, for this reason, served on the royal occasion of Wellington. Many food experts often said that the true origination of this recipe comes from France. It shares a similarity with a French dish named filet de boeuf en croute.

One can easily find this mouth-watering dish everywhere in England, but if you want to taste the true flavour, you must visit Brighton Lane.

  1. Fish with chips

Do you know what the specialty of British cuisine apart from taste is? Well, there is something within its name. Fish with chips serve perfect symmetry and sounds soothing to the ears. Usually, fish with chips are available in almost every lane of the UK, but you need to find the right restaurant to get the best taste.

Usually, fried fish is served with crusty and crispy chips, which tastes heavenly. Cooks use almost every type of available fish. Although this dish is widely available, you must choose the perfect place to eat. To get the heavenly taste, you must visit Brighton.

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Although the name of the dish sounds Asian actually, it has British roots. Above all, there is good evidence that this cuisine was first cooked in Britain. One day a Bangladeshi chef of Glasgow thought to cook something unique with chicken which being spicy would serve the delicious taste.

As per the imagination, he created something heavenly with lots of spices and chicken. Thus, it has now become a highly acclaimed dish almost worldwide. However, if you want to have a real taste, then you must visit Manchester.

  1. Steak and Kidney Pie

Pies are the best food for Britishers which has great demand. Daily British dishes remain incomplete without having a pie. That is why whatever it is served with pies is the true traditional food of the UK.

This type of cuisine tastes best when served with mashed potatoes a little bit of spicy curry. If you want to get the best steak and kidney pie, you need to visit anywhere from North England to Manchester.

  1. Eton Mess

Perhaps you were missing dessert in this list. Do not worry as we are here to understand your requirement. After having spicy food, a sweet mouth-watering dessert always serves relief to our taste buds. Eton Mess is such a tasty and delicious dessert that is perfect to end a hot summer day.

Meringue, berries, ice cream all are mingled together to make this dish. This mouth-watering dessert was first served at the premises of Eton College on a cricket day. For this reason, the name of the dish is named after this college.