If you are a reader and often read books offline and if this is the case then you must be aware of the site Ebook3000 which provides the users to read books online and not only this they can also download the books and then you can read them offline also.

But there have been some issues with the Ebook 3000 which the users are facing and because of which the users are not able to use the site and access the benefits which it provides. And just because of this the users are looking up some alternative sites that the users can use in place of Ebook 3000.

Alternatives for E-book 3000 site –

1. Z-library

It is one of the largest online libraries which you will find online and you will like this site as it has over 4,960,00 books and many articles too. The aim of this site is to make literature accessible and available to everyone.

2. Libgen. pw

This site is one of the best sites which you will find on the ebook3000 alternatives sites list and you will also like this site. It has a huge library which has tons of books of all genres from horror to fiction and whatnot.

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