Quality never goes out of style. The same is the case with cars. A great car runs seamlessly for a long period. If you are a beginner, we recommend owning a used car. Why should you choose a used car over a new one? Used cars are exponentially more affordable than buying a new vehicle. 

So if you’re looking forward to saving some thousands, a used car is the best choice. Buying a used car will not bother you with any sort of hidden charges which is a great advantage of the same. 

If you are already in a plan to buy a pre owned car and are in search of the right dealer, this article will help you get a picture of the best used car dealers in Calicut. 

Indus Used Cars

Indus Used Cars is one of the best choices from where you can own used cars in Kozhikode. Established in 2018 at a prime location in Kozhikode, Indus Used Cars deals with the selling of quality second-hand cars. Here you will find a huge collection of second-hand cars of every car brand in India. Other than the Calicut showroom, Indus Used Cars also has its branches all across Kerala. With credible and reliable services offered, Indus becomes one of the perfect picks for those who are looking forward to owning a used car.

Auto Venture

With a mission to revolutionize the used car selling pattern in Kerala, Auto Ventures was launched in one of the busiest cities in Kerala. Most of the people who approach a used car showroom are pretty uncertain about the procedures involved in it. Auto ventures guarantee a quick, smooth and seamless car selling experience. Ensuring high standards and high results, Auto ventures is one of the common names that has won its position in the favourite list of customers. 

Rotana Motor Pvt Ltd

One of the trusted second hand Tata car dealers in Kozhikode. Aiming at providing credible and best services, Rotana Motors had already become one of the best choices for used car selling. The showroom deals with different hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs.

Rotana Motors is a fully-owned derivative of Tata Motors, which brings you the best of four strokes. Being an exclusive dealer of TATA cars, the showroom and the entire team is committed to providing the best deal on every authorized TATA passenger model. This has helped them to meet and maintain customer expectations.

Vision Honda

Honda, being one of the top vehicle brands, has a pretty great second hand value as well. Vision Honda is one of the used cars showroom operating in Kozhikode which deals with all sorts of Honda Vehicles. If you are in search of a used Honda car, Vision Honda will definitely make a perfect choice. 

Apart from Calicut, Vision Honda has several other branches operating from different parts of Kerala making them the biggest Honda used car dealer here. Their association with Honda began with the first dealership in Kottayam in 2009 and expanded the operation to Trichur in 2011 and Pathanamthitta in 2014. Calicut happened to be their fourth showroom that began functioning in 2016.

Royal Drive

Who does not wish to get a luxury drive? Do you wish to? Then what are you waiting for? Just own one. Seems simple to say, but the amount you have you spend on a luxury car is quite huge, isn’t it? So what is the next option? A used luxury car? Sounds cool! But from where? 

Drive to Royal Drive – South India’s first choice for a pre-owned luxury automobile dealer. The most suggested one by many of the moto enthusiasts in Kerala. Their list of pre-owned luxury cars includes Porsche, Mercedes – Benz, BMW, Mini Cooper, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, and Bentley etc. 

Low cost, low insurance rate and no hidden charges. Doesn’t that sound great? So make a visit to the nearest used car showroom in Kozhikode and own a car of your choice.