India is a top destination for all travel lovers worldwide, be it for its pilgrimages, the natural beauty, and its culture and rich traditions. Be it for solo travelling, nature lovers, family trips, or even for people who want to go on a spiritual journey and look for the deeper meanings of life. It is an adventure for everyone who plans to visit this place and escape their monotonous life. If you are just bored and irritated with your routine and daily problems, book those non stop flights from USA to India to get started on this dream vacation. A vacation like this can be altered according to all your needs. If you plan to just lounge and relax, go to the coastal cities; hill stations are the best choice for hiking and natural beauty. People looking to experience the history and traditions book those direct flights to Delhi from USA to go to the numerous temple cities all across India.

There is something in store for every person in this fascinating country, making it the best choice for someone looking to fulfill their travelling dreams. Due to prior misconceptions and hearsay, people consider that India cannot offer the luxury and comfort that any other place would do. Not many people know that India has evolved to be one of the beloved destinations for everyone who wants to lounge by the ocean in their luxurious hotels and sip their cocktails. Many five-star hotel chains and resorts have opened up in India that provide s comfortable vacation experience.

The first-time travellers to India might feel suffocated and confused. It is a loud country, and many things are happening all at once, which might be overwhelming for some people. If you are travelling to India from the USA, you should be prepared for the cultural shock and the vastly different people’s lifestyles. It might feel like you shouldn’t be here, but trust us, people fall in love with this country after experiencing everything it has to offer. Book your non stop flights from USA to India right now, and keep these tips in mind when travelling to India:

Travel and bookings

Book your flight tickets as soon as possible to get the best deals and save money. Your itinerary should be solid before boarding those Direct flights from Delhi to USA as you don’t want to get confused with where to go and what to explore. This would help you prepare a plan and cover the cities and places you want to visit without wasting time.

Ease into the lifestyle

If the first city you visit is as populated and busy as Delhi, you would want to leave or feel like this isn’t what you wanted to experience. Consider easing into the actual hustle-bustle of India and not directly jumping into it. Spend your first few days, at least until the jet lag wears off, in some hill station or an isolated city to help wear off the tiredness.

This would help you explore the natural beauty or relax for the first few days before jumping into the adventure.

Hotels and lodging

Your hotel bookings should be completed before you land in India. If you leave it to the last minute, you might just end up with a hotel that doesn’t offer the facilities and amenities you don’t want. Look for a hotel that follows safety and hygiene protocols as you don’t want to book an unclean place. This would only be detrimental to your health and might ruin your vacation.

Food and restaurants

Food is an essential part to fully enjoy any trip. You wouldn’t want to try out the local food of the place you are visiting, but it doesn’t mean that you should dwell in the street food on your very first day.

Before boarding those non-stop flights from USA to India, search and select the restaurants that offer local food and follow all the necessary safety protocols. This would help you experience the local delicacies without compromising your health.

Transportation and local travelling

When travelling within a city, be careful while on the local buses and private transportation. There are many instances of crimes in India, making it essential to remain safe at all times. Use a map application or carry a local map to help keep an eye on the routes.

Also, be aware of pickpockets on buses; keep your bags and belongings close to you at all times.

Your safety

You must remain safe, especially in a foreign country. Inform a local person of someone close to where you are going at all times to ensure that you are not alone when going somewhere.

Also, make sure that you have your important documents, cash, and other belongings with you at all times. Avoid wearing precious ornaments or jewellery in public, and stay vigilant when travelling outdoors. Wear modest clothes and be aware of the general public norms not to attract any wrong attention.

Before boarding those Nonstop flights to Mumbai From USA, keep in mind all these tips to fully maintain your security and enjoy your vacation.