When you plan to visit another country, several things become an integral part of your travel plan, such as your passport, travel visa, camera, air tickets, international sim cards, etc. Each item has specific use and value during your foreign trip, but have you thought about foreign exchange?


A prepaid forex card can do more than just helping you do your shopping. It can cater to all your transaction needs without paying currency conversion fees. You can buy foreign currency online at affordable foreign exchange rates.

Here is how to avail of a forex card

  • Attractive interest rates

Your days of standing in long queues to get foreign currency are long gone. With a prepaid forex card, you can buy forex online at a foreign exchange rate that is unmatchable. Since the exchange rates remain unchanged after loading your forex card, you are protected against foreign currency rate fluctuations.

  • Easy replacement

You are always prone to risk when you carry liquid cash, and the biggest disadvantage is that once it is lost, it is lost. You will never get your foreign currency back, and no one can assure you of currency replacement. However, if you buy a forex card for your foreign trip, you can easily replace it, in case you lose it. You will need to call your card issuer and instantly block your card and freeze your balance until a new card reaches you.

  • Easy reloading

Since a forex card is preloaded, you can reign in spending and reload your card when required. It is ideal for frequent travelers who stay in a country for a longer time. You will need to keep an eye on foreign exchange rates and buy foreign currency online when the rates are in your favor.

  • No withdrawal fee

Unless you have a premium credit card with a free transaction fee feature from international ATMs, you will incur a transaction fee every time you withdraw cash, which can cost you a lot in the long run.

Having a forex card eliminates the issue of transaction fees on each withdrawal, hence providing stress-free travel. You can visit any visa-enabled ATM and without paying a transaction fee.

  • Multiple-currency forex card

The best part about a prepaid forex currency is, it can be loaded with multiple foreign currencies at once. You can travel anywhere around the world without paying cross-currency charges. You can buy a forex card online, load it with more than one foreign currency at foreign exchange rates that suit your needs, and travel the world without any hassle of running to money changers.


So, if you are traveling abroad for the first time, you should opt for a forex card as it is the safest option to carry foreign currency.