When the sunnier months come and the temperature starts to rise, we have to think differently about what we wear when we go outside. There’s nothing worse than not wearing the right footwear in hot weather, as it can be really uncomfortable and can actually contribute to feelings of fatigue. 

It’s very different with a pair of Turkish sandals on your feet, as you get to feel the wind between your toes and very much get a feel of freedom. It’s not by accident that people who travel a lot tend to opt for open-toed footwear, as it can make a real difference to your overall stress-levels and comfort. 

In this article, we examine the differences between other types of less-suitable footwear, to highlight why we think fashion sandals should be part of anyone’s wardrobe – particularly if you’re about to spend some time in warmer climes.

Turkish Sandals Let Your Feet Breathe

Normal types of shoe and trainer do offer more toe protection than sandals, but they can feel a lot more restrictive. When your feet start to sweat, it can feel quite unpleasant and leave you feel more and more tired as the day goes on.

Sandals also offer a variety of other benefits:

  • They allow you feet to breathe
  • They can help with damp feet issues like athlete’s foot
  • They can make you feel calmer and more relaxed
  • They allow you pack less footwear on your holiday

If you’re on holiday, turkish sandals are ideal for every type of activity, being equally suitable at the local restaurant as they are for spending a day on the beach. What’s more, they’re far superior to flip flops which can actually be quite dangerous when walking quickly or when wet.

The sandals we’re talking about are typically made from robust, hard-wearing materials, so they’re able to stand up to whatever you’re doing.

And Not Forgetting the Style Aspect…

What shouldn’t be forgotten is that sandals of this type are actually also quite fetching and stylish. When worn with summer outfits, jeans or any other kind of light clothing, turkish sandals have the ability to add a certain windswept nuance to the style of your outfit. 

Sure, we’re talking about sandals here, but who says that they need to be boring and functional? We think that they should be looked at just like any other type of footwear that can be worn for a variety of different occasions, rather than merely being something you use on holiday.

Also, when you see the many different embroidered designs that are available, you soon realise that this is a fashion item that’s great to wear, rather than one than just for the beach. 

Supreme Comfort In Warm Weather

Kilim is just one type of the many amazing types of design that you’ll get with these sandals and when you have a pair in your possession, you’ll likely be looking for reasons to put them on. They simply shout ‘wear me!’, but you have to remember that when it’s cold, it might be better to wear something warmer – no matter how much you want to keep wearing them and showing them off!

So, the next time you’re browsing the internet looking for something new to add to your existing wardrobe, we urge you to consider turkish sandals, as they offer much to the wearer.

They’re hard wearing too – again unlike flip flops – so when you invest in a pair, you’re investing in years of comfort and style. They’re surprisingly affordable too, so what have you got to lose?