Extensive usage of data science has entered almost every vertical and the use cases are becoming more and more varied. From self-driving cars to AI based security systems, everything runs on the principles of data science. In the initial days of data science and analytics integration it often seemed difficult for companies to prepare the business cases for these initiatives. A decade down the line, everyone understands the value of strong data science practices.

Let us look at two such data science use cases that may just inspire you to take a positive call on your plans of acquiring a data science certification. Yes, we are picking the extreme examples by the tech giants, but the use of data science does not end at them, on the contrary, it permeates from these tech leaders to every sect of the business world.

Facebook – revolutionizing advertising with data science

Facebook is one of the global leaders in AI and deep learning research. It has been using and developing deep neural networks for facial recognition, text analysis, and corresponding image to text. As a social media platform Facebook uses these capabilities to offer its customers a varied range of services. For instance, it notifies you if someone adds a photo of you, now that is very difficult to achieve considering half the world’s population is on Facebook.

However, the more important use case of data science for Facebook is in the field of advertising. It uses unstructured user data to divide the users in segments and micro segments. This helps them to a) provide people with targeted content to keep them online for longer periods of time b) show suitable advertisements based on a person’s profile as well as his actions on the platform.

Amazon – E-commerce like never before

Amazon sets the benchmark for E-commerce companies across the world. Let me share a story that establishes its reliability among people. One of my colleagues from the sales team likes to combine a cold email with a gift. He orders gifts for multiple prospects and schedules introductory emails for them so that they receive the mail a few hours or a day after the gift. He is a busy sales guy, he does not have time to track each order, he just relies upon Amazon to keep good to their ETA.

Amazon uses data science at every stage of their supply chain in order to ensure accuracy in terms of providing the ETA, routing the delivery, choosing the fulfillment centers. In fact, the fulfilment centers are often AI powered.

Amazon’s recommendation system is another marvel of data science. It combines sentiment analysis, image processing, review analysis, and demographic data to bring out the best recommendations for their customers, and bingo! 85% of their sales is generated through these recommendations.