This is a very common question that every business owners have at some point in their journey 

Rightfully so, CRM can be very beneficial for a business as it keeps all historical data in one place, making it easier to manage customer relationships. 

Today’s CRM tools are supercharged with integration that fosters collaboration and accessible data – all under one roof. The right tool should help companies target different audiences, design smart automation based on an individual lead or customer’s activity, proactively work with contacts and manage relationships. 

While features vary by department or industry, the seven advantages of CRM platforms that enable customer-centric experiences are: 

  1. Increased sales and sales team accountability
  2. Improved customer retention
  3. Detailed analytics/insights and reporting, Sales reports, individual reports, teamwise performance reports. 
  4. Centralized database of all information
  5. CRM can automate your emails, call logs, what’s app messaging in short it makes easy to communicate with the clients or customer 
  6. Manage the communication, create notes, add meetings with prospective leads
  7. Accurate sales forecasting and planning

 Let us discuss these in detail.

Contacts and Database of Generated lead: 

Maintain the database of company and contacts, is a crucial thing. With the help of CRM system, the database can be store for a long time, and it is not a people or paper dependent system. 


Leads who, at some point, make their way further down your sales funnel and are close to purchasing become opportunities. 

Workflow Automation

CRM system can automate the work flow and automation of leads pipeline. A work flow helps to write some Rules based on certain Triggers and Conditions followed by Actions to be performed by the system when the selected Trigger and Conditions match. Work flows can save a lot of time that a salesperson might be spending in performing those tasks manually. 


These are prospects that have reached out to you by filling web forms, connecting through social media channels. or otherwise expressed interest in your company. 

Generating Sales: 

Once a person converts and becomes a customer, that doesn’t mean you’re done gathering and analyzing data.  

Comprehensive reports are one of the most valuable benefits of CRM platforms, especially when they’re enhanced by AI. Actionable data allows you to more effectively communicate with your current audience while also making it easier to reach out to those who have shown interest in the past. 


To understand the key insights of the business, Business owners and unit head need to generate the reports. Based on the data which present in the CRM system, reports are help to know how the business is performing. 

The powerful standard and custom reports delivered by most CRMs also provide a clear insight into the health of each operation, the performance of each agent, and the overall sustainability of your relationship management strategy. Believe it or not, this is the source most successful companies turn to identify bottlenecks, rather than to spend hours analyzing financial data. 

Integration of 3rd party apps 

For capturing the leads from various sources, the companies need to integrate the third-party platforms   and tools for their daily operations. With the help of Kylas you can simply integrate these platforms and have your leads flows in automatically to your account in real time. 

Benefits of using CRM tool  

Your Customer Information is all in One Place  

CRM is your centralized hub, where all the information about the customer is stored. All basic level information like customer name, phone number, email, company name, address, source of lead generation along with the communication if anything happened till date. 


Keep track of the Source of Leads  

Leads comes from multiple sources like Website, Phone Calls, Live Chat, social media, Emails, References, Exhibition, Surveys. All can be clubbed together at one place call CRM.  

Deals: Qualified leads converted into prospects, a potential customer that has the possibility of converting into a future client can be considered as a deal. 

Monitoring Customer’s buying journey through Pipelines 

You can track the customer’s journey at a single click, the journey from filling the forms to purchase the product can be track at the same time in a CRM system. There are different stages of customer conversion, the behavior of the customer can be track here. Where is exactly your customer in a CRM pipeline, can track easily. 

Saves Time and Money 

All of the details about the customer and clients are available in 1 CRMat one place saving you the time and effort of locating it, it saves your time. In addition, you can automate the automation sales process in the CRM to save your valuable timecan help sales rep accelerate the sales process and focused on selling 

Someone has filled in details on the website, thisese details rightly goesgo into CRM, no need to check your emails for leads. 

 Sales Pipeline 

The sources could include digital ads, databases, social media marketing, email campaigns, customer referrals, or any other marketing and sales methods. Your product may work better in certain industries as compared to the others. The ticket size of the deal is considered in this stage of the pipeline. Sales are growing on the basis of the probability to close the deal. 

 The Reasons of Lead Lost 

Most of the business owner spending their time for understanding the reason of lead lost. CRM helps them to know the reason why leads are dropped off in between the customer journey. Business owner can learn something from it. 

 Keeping track of Marketing activities/ Collaboration with Marketing team 

Customer is coming from XYZ marketing sources, with CRM we can track how much revenue is generated from the marketing sources over the time and can see the true value of the marketing. Ex. The leads are coming from Google, social media, Website, Email may drive certain value. This knowledge will help the business owner to optimize the marketing campaign. 

Improvement and Opportunity 

With the help of key insights and reporting, business owners and unit heads can work on new areas of improvement and opportunities. You will get more sales ideas, more marketing ideas along with the customer’s journey ideas for improvement purposes. 

Biggest benefits: 

  • Reduces the burden of manual admin work.  
  • Reduces errors in data collection. 
  • Reduces wrong decision making. 
  • Improves the chances of lead conversion. 
  • Improves the chances of customer retention