The memorandum describes the use of e-cigarettes in Denmark as well as in the USA and Great Britain (UK) among children, adolescents and adults. In addition, the ingredients in the e-liquid as well as the current one describe knowledge of the health consequences of using e-cigarettes. The note also describes use of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation and the WHO’s position and recommendations regarding e-cigarettes.

According to the “Electronic Cigarettes Act”, e-cigarettes are defined as: “A product that can used for the consumption of nicotine-containing vapor through a mouthpiece or parts thereof product, including a cartridge, a refillable tank and a device without a cartridge or refillable tank. Electronic cigarettes can be disposable or refillable using a refill container and a refillable tank or refilled with disposable cartridges ”. Nicotine-free e-cigarettes are defined in the same way.

.The e-liquids have different content of nicotine as well as chemical compounds, including flavors, in various concentrations. When the e-liquid heats up, an aerosol is formed (liquid particles) which are inhaled. The aerosol contains a number of harmful and potentially harmful substances. The content of the aerosol depends on the type of e-cigarette, the e-liquid and how to use the e-cigarette.

Which states in Australia allow buying of e-liquids and uwell caliburn pods in Australia? 

Possession of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes is allowed in all other states except Queensland, and smoking a nicotine-containing e-cigarette will not result in a fine. We at vapedna, make sure that all of our products such as uwell caliburn pods and nic salts e juices to be sold under the regulation body. 

How many people use e-cigarettes in Australia 

In studies on prevalence, “use of e-cigarettes” is most often asked.daily / occasionally / within the last 30 days, etc. In this connection, it should be noted that Answers about using e-cigarettes do not say anything about the amount of nicotine and others ingredients that the individual user inhales. The nicotine content of the e-liquid has an effect on the individual’s exposure. There are many different products with different content.

Adults (over 15 years):

The figures are from the Danes’ smoking habits, where there are approx. 5,000 respondents.

In 2018, 5.3% of adults indicated using e-cigarettes, of which 3% indicated using e-cigarettes

daily, while 2% indicated using e-cigarettes occasionally.

In 2017, the figure was 2.7%, of which 2% indicated using e-cigarettes daily, while <1% indicated that they use e-cigarettes occasionally.

Have users smoked regular tobacco before, or are e-cigarettes their primary product? 

Less than 1% of adult never-smokers use or have used e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes mainly used by former or current smokers in the adult age group. These

figures must be taken with reservations due to the low number of respondents in the group.

Is there a difference in the users’ social background

In the Health and Morbidity Survey from 2017 (approx. 11,000 respondents over 25 years) can. We see that the use of e-cigarettes is most prevalent in the group of people with shorter education. Thus, 4.4% of respondents with primary school as the highest completed education use e-cigarettes, while only 1.3% of those with long higher education use e-cigarettes

WHO calls for e-cigarettes to be regulated by law and for legislation to be regulated by it?

The following points should be included in the consideration of how e-cigarettes should be regulated:

a) Prevent the promotion of e-cigarettes and prevent non-smokers, pregnant women and young people start using e-cigarettes.

b) Minimize e-cigarettes potential health risks for users and non-users / passive users.

c) Prohibit the dissemination of false / unproven health benefits of e-cigarettes.

d) Protect the efforts of the existing tobacco control from the tobacco industry interests.

Microbial contaminants

A Harvard study analyzed the e-liquid in 37 cartridges and 38 e-liquids for, respectively flavorings that were divided into four groups: tobacco, menthol, fruit and others as well as endotoxin and glucan. Endotoxin is present in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Endotoxin occurs everywhere, including in tobacco smoke. Exposure to endotoxin causes damage in the lungs of experimental animals. In humans, exposure in the work environment is associated with impaired lung function and asthma. Glucan is found in the cell walls of most fungi and certain bacteria. These components are thought to contribute to inflammation in the lungs of smokers.

Endotoxin was measured in 17 out of 75 products (23%) and glucan in 61 out of 75 products (81%). The concentration of glucan was 10 times higher in products where the flavoring was tobacco and 3.5 times higher in products where the flavor was menthol compared to concentrations in fruit-flavored products. 

The authors state that this study is the first of its kind and that it indicates that some Popular e-cigarette brands and flavors can be contaminated with microbial toxins. There further research is needed to confirm the findings and assess potential exposures and health effects in e-cigarette users. 

THC / CBD oil

THC and CBD oil / e-liquid are cannabis products that are sold for use in e-cigarettes. THC- and CBD oil / e-liquid can be used like other e-liquids. It is unclear what these cannabis products exactly contain. Uwell caliburn pods also come with availability of THC and CBD oil. We do not have figures for how many people use cannabis products in their e-cigarettes, and on.

At present we do not know the health effects of using the products. It is however, it is well known that accidents with oil intake, e.g. lamp oil where the oil sinks incorrectly and coming down into the lungs can cause a chemical pneumonitis (pneumonia caused by a chemical substance)

Understand why you’re quitting.

There are numerous solid reasons to give up vaping. Do you wish to be in better shape? You want to save money? Knowing why you want to stop vaping will help you keep motivated and on track to achieve your goal of quitting vaping. Some vapers also smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products. It’s also an excellent time to quit smoking or using other tobacco products if you don’t use vapes.

We understand that quitting smoking or using other tobacco products while also quitting vaping can be difficult, but becoming tobacco-free is the best thing you can do for your health.