It’s okay if you have cut your hair short before the wedding or if there’s no one to style your hair. You can always consider hair extensions. After all, who doesn’t want voluminous and lengthy hair with festive wear? Not only the hair extension serves as a rescue for your short hair, but it can also be a try-on to see if a color suits your face. What’s more, Vanity Luxury Hair has raw hair extensions and raw virgin hair bundles instead of synthetic hair extensions.

And Vanity Luxury Hair’s Bundles are solutions for all your problems and needs, with hair extension options ranging in length and style. Want a superior, sleek look? Try Organic Raw Straight Bundles. Wondering how blonde will look on you? Try Bombshell Bundles. With Vanity Luxury Hair’s High-End Bundles, you can expect to look exclusive on your special day.

Made of Raw Indian Hair

Yes, you read it right. Vanity Luxury Hair uses raw Indian hair to prepare a final product for you that is raw hair extensions. In the State of Chennai, India, dozens of Hindu women voluntarily get their hair shaved off. This activity takes place at a small temple where they show their devotion to God with this act.

The CEO of Vanity Luxury Hair said, “Indian hair can be compared with European hair in texture. While the strength and volume are not exactly similar to the Chinese hair, yet harder than European hair. After preparation, the final products exactly resemble that of European hair.”

How to Buy Raw Virgin Hair Bundles?

You can visit the website to view a range of our products. You can expect a quality product considering the team works on premium quality control inspection before shipping off. Processing time may take up to 3 days.

While entering your shipping information, ensure you enter the correct details. Vanity Luxury Hair has a refund policy, giving customers the leverage to return if they do not like the product.

The Marketing Head of Vanity Luxury Hair said we understand that our customers. Unfortunately, they might not always be satisfied with our products. We will provide a refund to you given that you place your return within 10 days of delivery.

About Vanity Luxury Hair: All women deserve to have longer hair and still keep it real. Virgin Luxury Hair, is committed to bringing happiness and confidence back to you on your big day – either it’s your first day, wedding day, or party.

Choose from a wide range of premium quality raw virgin hair bundles. All products undergo strict quality processes to be ideal for you. There is 24×7 customer support available that provides excellent service, from helping you buy to delivering the product to your doorstep. All raw virgin hair bundles are 100% raw organic, processed without chemicals. Although Indian, our hair extensions can be used by women of all ethnicities.