The skin getting drier and aging faster had become a recurring problem for me lately and I was desperate for a solution. It only made me appear even more stressed out. I sought medical help as well and that is where I learnt these are signs of vitamin deficiency. Did you know, topical use of vitamins is equally necessary for the skin to remain supple, youthful and healthy for a longer period?

Being an investment banker with an extremely hectic schedule, I never had much time to spare for skincare or beauty and the effect of that became prominent with age. Once I learnt about the primary issue behind the deteriorating condition of my skin, I started researching my skincare products in details before I invest in them. I soon realized the importance of vitamins in my skincare products including facewash and hence looked for vitamin-enriched skincare products more.

At 36, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may seem inevitable but still, it is rather early. Moreover, my extremely sensitive skin prevents the use of almost every facewash available in the market. From what I gathered, Vitamin c facewash and other products are safe for my skin type and issues. Besides this, I also learnt about the different vitamins which are essential in topical skincare and when a facewash is infused with them, it can do wonders for your skin.

Here are some of the things I found out that helped me a lot in finding my holy grail products and keep all the skin problems at bay.

Different vitamins and their topical benefits of the skin

* Vitamin C is an antioxidant found in abundance in citric fruits and vegetables. When used as an active ingredient in a face wash, it will make the skin smoother, and plumper. It also fights the signs of aging and reduces discoloration. The vitamin also helps to fight hyperpigmentation and retain the elastic quality of the skin.

* Vitamin E is known as a nutrient that helps with cell regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is particularly helpful to reduce acne scarring and also minimize hyperpigmentation. A vitamin e face wash will ensure your skin gets this nutrient while you gently cleanse the skin daily. The consistency of rather thick on Vitamin E hence, facewash with this vitamin is quite moisturizing and hydrating.

* Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide is widely seen in many different skincare products. It can reduce redness and open pores when used daily. Niacinamide faces wash when used regularly can help create a barrier against the skin that prevent moisture loss and resulting patchiness and dryness which eventually leads to faster aging of the skin. The best thing about vitamin B3 is that it’s mild enough to suit sensitive skin as well which is a boon for me.

* Vitamin A prevents breakouts and accelerates the healing process for your skin. Hence, anyone facing skin issues like scarring and peeling skin or frequent acne breakouts will find products with vitamin A particularly beneficial. It is an important nutrient that keeps the dermis and epidermis healthy.

* Vitamin D is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and help to treat eczema, psoriasis, and Vitiligo. It also protects the skin against environmental damages and prevents premature aging.

Among all these vitamins, Vitamin C, E and B3 are most popularly known for topical application and widely used as an active ingredient for different facewash as well as other skincare products and cosmetics.

Some of the best Vitamin-rich facewashes

I found that Vitamin C, and B3 particularly essential for my sensitive, and mature skin with signs of premature aging. I tried and tested quite a few different face washes, but the following stood out for me. So, here I am sharing my favourites with you so you can find a perfect option for yourself:

1.     Hada Secrets Japan Ecuador Banana Facewash
I have been using this Japanese Facewash lately and it is packed with vitamins – it has all skincare Vitamins – C, E, B3. If you are looking for a natural formulation that is extremely mild, this vitamin C face wash is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. The facewash is rich with Vitamin E and B3 as well and Ecuador banana extract makes it moisturizing enough. I even use this product for my 7 year old daughter too, as it has no artificial colours or harmful chemicals. It is affordable and easily available.

2.     St. Botanica Vitamin C Foaming face wash
This is another Vitamin c face wash that is easily available and mild enough for sensitive skin. I specifically love the foaming formula which lathers very well and the result is well cleansed and bright skin. The face wash is really helpful to calm down irritated skin and removes all kinds of impurities completely.

3.     Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser
Neutrogena is a popular brand of skincare in India and has some of the best face washes for all skin types. I resorted to their products when finding a good face wash for sensitive skin was rather hard in this part of the world and they did not disappoint. The Pure Mild Facial Cleanser does not have any harsh chemicals and it is also fragrance and oil-free which make it perfect for sensitive and mature skin.

4.     Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Cleanser
This is a good choice for rosacea-prone skin specifically. It is also suitable for most skin type including sensitive skin. If your skin easily gets irritated, then this is the facewash for you. It is a pH-balanced formulation and contains sustainable ingredients. The only major drawback is its expensive price tag and it is a chemical formula that is not preferred by many consumers.

5.     Pears Pure and Gentle Facewash
Another trusted name in the beauty industry that has been around for a long time, Pears is readily available anywhere. This is one of the most budget-friendly facewashes that works well for sensitive skin. It has a soap-free formulation and contains nourishing milk proteins. However, it is a chemical formulation and also contains SLS which is problematic but the choice varies from one person to another.
I am partial towards the Hada Secrets facewash because it ticks all the boxes you can think of. It is naturally formulated, very mild, free of parabens and SLS and rich in all the vitamins required for healthier skin. But the other ones are good enough and the final choice is up to you. I hope my insights on the facewashes suitable for skin condition similar to mind will be helpful to many others who can relate and help you guys out.