Are you suffering from cold sores and always thinking about “sores on my head? How can I get rid of them? Here are some tips to follow.


Fortunately for cold-sore sufferers, many available cures will rid them of this often painful condition.


These cures are often spoken of in several categories; the first and most famous are analgesics. Analgesics are the kind of treatments that relieve the pain that comes from having the condition. This is a precursor for the complete removal of the sore at a later date.


Next is the category of Antiseptics. These are important in any cold sore treatment program, as they focus on preventing the infection from spreading quickly to other areas of the body – most notably the genitals.


The last and more important category is the antiviral treatments that help fight against and eventually eliminate the virus causing the condition.


Antiviral medication ensures that the cold sore is eliminated in as short a time as possible and that the painfulness associated with the condition is quickly reduced then eliminated.


Looking deeper into cold sore treatments, we find a cure called Acyclovir.


Acyclovir is a prescription medication and is a common ingredient to many cold sore medicines. Many doctors will prescribe this medication quickly, but it’s recommended that you check with your local GP because it is known to have side effects.


According to the studies that have been conducted until now, Acyclovir seems to be effective in people infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1. It may do similarly with other variations of the virus as well. Acyclovir medication involves a topical cream to be applied several times daily and the ingestion of oral medication as supplemental.


As you can tell, knowing which medication to pick for your cold sore isn’t as easy as it seems. And to make it worse, in a lot of cases, choosing the wrong one could not only not cure the condition but be detrimental to your health. It is advised that you seek information on the natural forms of cold sore relief before heading to the chemist for a prescription.