Cancer is a nightmare for people around the world. But it is not inevitable. Cancer can be treated if detected early. Some symptoms develop in the early stage of cancer and give a warning sign to the patients. These signs trigger the patient for medical assistance. So, warning signs of cancer should be given the utmost attention. However, some signs are so vague that patients generally ignore them and do not intend to have any particular cancer type. But, we should keep in mind that even the smallest discomfort should be treated. Get in touch with a doctor as soon as you develop any sign of discomfort as mentioned here,

  • A persistent change in bowel movement and bladder pressure

Frequent constipation, blockage in the passage of stool are primary warning signs of bowel cancer. This includes diarrhea, gas pains, indigestion, blood in the stool, and rectal bleeding. Urinary defunctions such as difficulty in urine discharge, frequent urination, and painful irritation are early signs of prostate cancer. Blood in the urine can also be seen for prostate cancer. However, a bladder infection has the same symptoms, so it is better to consult a cancer specialist.

  1. Difficulty in swallowing and indigestions

An irritated stomach filled with gas and frequent indigestion is the red alert for stomach cancer. Persistent indigestion should be neglected. Stomach or esophagus cancer also shows symptoms of difficulty in swallowing.


  • Lump or sore

A sore in the mouth can indicate cancer in the mouth. Generally, the sore does not heal and bleeds continuously—a lump or thickening on the skin signs the potential skin cancer. The lumps or sores start to pain after the primary stage. Don’t be late and seek help from doctors as soon as a lump or sore is identified.


  • Abnormal bleeding or discharge

A typical sign of uterus cancer is abnormal bleeding and discharge from the vaginal opening. If the bleeding continues even after menstruation, consultation with a doctor is recommended immediately. Moreover, smelly discharge can be detected for cervical cancer. Pap test is useful in case of detecting cervical cancer.


  • Lump in any part of the body

Sometimes, women feel a lump or thickening in their breasts. This can be the earliest symptom of breast cancer. Unfortunately, these symptoms are rare, and 85% of breast cancer patients do not show any symptoms. It should be mandatory to self-examine for any lump or thickening in the breast every month. Moreover, in the case of men, they can detect signs of lumps in the testicles. These are the warning signs of potential prostate cancer. Contact a cancer specialist for any palpable lump in the body.


  • Persistent cough and hoarseness

Lung cancer is a silent disease, and so patients merely feel any symptoms or warning signs. But for some people, a persistent cough is seen as a warning sign for lung cancer. The hoarseness in the throat might indicate throat cancer. Lung cancer is mostly incurable. So, if coughing continues for a period, medical assistance must be taken.


  • Change in moles

Skin cancer shows its early signs by deforming any moles or warts on the skin. Malignant melanoma causes dark mole growth.

Symptoms and warning signs of the body are to be assisted by medical expertise. Cancer Healer Center offers the utmost help and facilities to everyone who seeks any assistance in cancer treatment and diagnosis.