CRC is a method; computers use to check the accuracy of the data present on a machine. And it detects the accidental changes to the raw data present in the storage media. But, at times, people can get an error when CRC happens in the computer.

Are you getting a CRC error on your computer? If so, you’ve come to the right page. To we will help you resolve CRC error on Outlook, follow the complete article.

How to Fix Cyclic Redundancy Check on Outlook?

To fix the Outlook data error, you can follow the steps listed here in this article.

Use CHKDSK Utility – You may need to repair the hard drive of your computer and that can be done using the CHKDSK utility. It will check the issues with the hard drive and fix them if necessary.
Open CMD in your computer as an administrator and then type in ‘chkdsk X: /f’, where X is the hard drive letter you want to check.
And then hit the Enter button to start the process of checking.

Run SFC Scan – You can also run the SFC scan on your computer to ensure the integrity of the files available on it.
Open the CMD in admin mode and then type in ‘sfc /scannow’ in the Command Prompt window.
And then hit the Enter button to start the process of checking.

So, both of these utilities should be able to fix whatever is wrong with your Outlook.


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