People eventually, at some point in life, move to urban cities to build a career, find new employment opportunities, education or upgrade their lifestyle. These so-called megacities seem to provide them with everything they have been looking for. What about the ones who cannot afford to live in these cities but still need an opportunity to grow? The Dholera Smart Cityseems to make it possible for them.

Dholera is going to be India’s first planned smart city. Why is this city called smart? What is so smart about it? What makes it smart? If these questions are bothering you too, well, let us find out what makes Dholera project a smart city project.

Dholera Smart City
  • Enhanced Architectural Designs

Architectural designs that are future proof eliminating the need for renovation or reconstruction within a couple of decades. This reduces the use of raw materials. These architectural designs are well planned to keep each and every minute aspect in mind. The architectural spaces are fully equipped with technology like sensors to ensure energy saving. 

  • Green Space 

Deforestation to build homes for people has caused us he environmental well-being. In a smart city like Dholera itself, there is a dedicated percentage of green cover. It seems to be India’s first greenfield smart city providing the people living there with pure and fresh air. The greenery provides shooting surrounding good for the well-being of the people living around. 

  • Affordable Housing 

Unlike the megacities, which may stand as a struggle for some families, The project like Dholera not only provide them with employment opportunities, but it has a dedicated percentage of affordable housing for the people who find it difficult to get a house in the urban areas. 

  • Use of Renewable Energy 

We all have witnessed the bad impact of using non-renewable energy sources for the production of electricity and fuels. Carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, global warming, and climate change have become very commonly discussed due to recent events. 

The energy requirement of smart cities is met by the energy production sources that use renewable energy sources like wind and sun to produce electricity—reducing the impact of the use of non-renewable energy. 

  • Job Opportunities the Place of Living 

Many people have to be away from their families to either earn, educate and build careers. What if you can get all the facilities in your hometown? Dholera is going to make it possible. Affordable housing, commercial spaces, industrial fields, educational spaces all this with outstanding architecture. Isn’t it a sparkling opportunity? 

People can save the cost of living away from home along with the travelling expense and save more hard-earned money. 

 Bottom Line

These cities are planned perfectly to address the modern needs of the people, including an elevated lifestyle and the feel of urban residence. The good of the environment is also kept in mind. Instead of cutting the trees to provide the residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, the smart cities increase the green cover. Isn’t that smart?

This and more makes this city smart!

Source:-What Features Make Dholera City Smart?