Oolong tea is extremely popular, and that they aren’t just sticking to one sort of tea, they need various different types of tea in taste and color. As we all of them may end in different tastes and different health benefits. As these Chinese Oolong teas have numerous health benefits therefore the consumers try their various types and taste. As all the tea isn’t just an equivalentyou’ll some surprise altogether of them. Let’s undergo some sorts of Oolong Tea.

Variety of Oolong Tea

The types of Oolong tea depend upon its oxidation process, its land of growth, and clearly, its benefits.
Phoenix Tea: this sort of tea is one among the bestsellers from China; it’s basically curly in appearance and unfolds itself when boiled in water or milk. This tea is grown and distributed from one bush and each bush features a different aroma and taste.
High Mountain Tea: This Oolong tea is sort of obvious from the name itself that it’s grown within the high altitudes and it’s harvested twice a year. it’s a touch of different withering and oxidation time as compared with the opposite tea. This tea comes with the aroma of jasmine and rose.
Milk Oolong Tea: This tea is known as Milk tea because it’s that creamy flavor and texture. this is often also grown at a high altitude and it doesn’t mean that it’s made with milk. It automatically gives the flavor of milk after oxidizing it for a particular time.
Iron Goddess of Mercy: This is often one among the foremost famous teas and it’s a region-specific tea. This tea was considered for the royal emperors of China. it’s light in weight and provides a honey flavor.
Due to this most aromatic and flavorful variety, it’s one of the foremost popular Oolong tea and each one among the above has its own benefits.

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