Pepega pronounced as “peh-peyguh” is a twitch emote featuring a distorted image of a frog which is used to ironically express that something or someone is stupid and is now commonly accompanied by the slang pejorative. Now, you must be having many questions such as what is pepega, meaning of pepega megaphone, what is pepega meme, and more.

So, we are here with all the information that you might be interested in for a better understanding of one of the most popular meme pepega. So, for having a good start let’s know how this word gained so much popularity that almost everyone is talking about it. 

In 2018, pepega emote was created by Andrew and originated on Discord. This word got overnight fame and refers to someone or something “stupid” and is quite commonly accompanied by the slang ‘retarded’. Pepega is a BTTV emote and this word is very commonly used on twitch. It is based on pepe the frog character is spammed ironically. It is also used when someone does something odd or anything which is out of the platform. 

According to a few members, Pepega is a politically correct way of saying ‘retard” while some people may get offended. Now, the next thing we need to know is what is pepega megaphone? Well, this is nothing but an extended pepega emote with a microphone. This was made to add expression in memes for the viewers. 

Now, as we have been talking so much about this meme you must be wondering what exactly is this meme. This meme is nothing but a green frog with wide eyes and huge red lips. A this meme got popular many memers changed it in their own way to make it funnier for their audience, and this exactly what pepe megaphone came out to be.

Hence, this all that you must be interested to learn and know about the most popular meme among the youth nowadays. 

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