Did you just sell your old SUV to car wrecking services? Do you ever wonder what happens to your old scrap car once you sold it? Well, not many people do. That’s the fact. Once you sell you receive your money. After that, you forget about your old SUV.

You can now get familiar with the entire scrapping process by searching for the best 

wreckers in Sydney services. They are expert car wrecking services that take the best care of

your old car.

What do they do with the old SUV?

These are expert wrecking services. That is one of the reasons they are still in business. They dismantle your entire car – part by part. They house an expert team that will inspect your vehicle part by part. They will separate good quality spare parts from the ones that are no longer fit to use.

They make a list of metal scrap parts – chassis, internal components and bumper. These are the metal parts that will be recycled back into scrap metal sheets or blocks. All parts that need to be disposed of will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

They calculate the overall value

Your car is not fit to run on the road, but some parts may be of value. The list of these parts is

prepared by the expert team. These parts may include tail/head/blinker lights, upholstery, exhaust system, hub caps, wheel alloys, transmission system, mirrors, engine parts and windshields. These are the parts that can be cleaned and repaired before being sold in the used car market. These parts are of value. They pay you for these parts as well & it looks like they are paying us cash for our scrap car.

Tyres and wheels

Tyres and wheels if in good condition can always be used back again. You can use the same set of wheels and tyres for any other model car. If the wheel is scrap then it will be recycled as well. Used tyres and wheels will always have a high demand in the second-hand car market.

Many buyers will always keep looking for old used tyres and wheels. These parts are also used in crash test vehicles.

Catalytic convertor

This is the central exhaust system of the car. In most cases, the exhaust system will never erode. It can always be used back again by performing simple repairs task. Even in the second-hand market, you will fetch a good amount of money for this part.

The wrecking team will inspect the condition of the exhaust in your car. They will repair it and sell it back again for a cheaper price.

Car battery

The car battery is an expensive spare part. Most scrap services will always try and restore battery life. They will change the battery lead terminals and use them back again. Any battery can be made back as good as a new battery. Most of the parts are traded back for the best price.