What is Interactive Video-on-Demand? What Does It Do?
Mythis about is What is Interactive Video-on-Demand? What Does It Do?

In the world of mobile app marketing, video-on-demand technology has gained success nowadays. This is because people like the trend of only paying for videos that they desire to watch. With the advancement of technology, a new extension of VOD known as the Interactive Video-on-Demand is also winning people’s hearts. In this article, we will tell you about one of the best app marketing strategies that are the interactive video-on-demand extension, what this feature actually is, how is it beneficial and what does it do? Keep reading if you I want to know this all.

What is Interactive Video-on-Demand?

Interactive Video on demand is simply a new VOD extension that helps you enjoy some extra features like pausing, fast or slow forwarding, or fast or slow rewinding.

Benefits of Interactive Video

There are many great benefits of interactive video out of which a few are mentioned below:

Better engagement 

The best thing about interactive videos is that they lead to better user engagement. This is because the main concept of an interactive video is to seek the user’s attention and build a better interaction with the user. This interaction helps gain user’s interest in the video ultimately contributing to good user engagement.

Improved UX

The best thing about interactive Video on demand is that it improved the User experience. Users find it more helpful to experience interactive videos and demands as they are featured with extra options. You can always choose to control your video the way you want to. These videos have got a lot more than just playing and pausing the content.

Versatile compatibility 

Another good thing about interactive videos is that they show versatile compatibility. This means that these videos can be accessed easily on both desktop and mobile devices. So you don’t have to necessarily have a PC or laptop to access these videos, they can be easily played on your mobile phone or Tablet.

What Does It Do?

Interactive Video-on-demand increases user engagement and contributes to expanding your reach. This ultimately results in improving your user experience, and better user interaction.


This was a short guide on interactive Video on demand. To gain a better insight of this technology you can click this link For more detailed information. In case of any queries, feel free to drop down your questions in the comment section below.