What are Shab-e-Miraj and how important is it for Muslims? The title itself defines the miracle of this day. Shab-e-Miraj is one of the twenty days of the Islamic calendar. It is celebrated on the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, which was the number twenty-fifth of the lunar month. This special day is extremely significant to Muslims because twenty-five days after his birth, the Messenger of the Gods (SAW), peace and blessings be upon him, was born in the city of Mecca in Mecca, in the city of Islam, to the women who was the daughter of an ambassador from the Quraishah, or tribe of Quraysh.

According to Islamic law, twenty-five must days later, after the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, the Ramadan period, called Ramadan, is to end and this miracle of Shab-e-Miraj occurs. This miracle of Shab-e Miraj (miraj) is also referred to as the ‘Day of the Moon’. It is a special day in the Muslim calendar and the celebration includes a number of activities. For centuries, scholars of Islam have been discussing and pondering about Shab-e-Miraj and the meaning it holds.

The word Shab-e-Miraj means the miracle of the crescent moon. In Arabic, this word is also called Al-Fitra and Al Hajar. The moon represents the moon as a sign or a symbol and when it is placed in the middle of the day, a special ceremony will take place. For the people of Mecca, this day is very important and this day is called “Fitr Ramadan”, which literally means “the festival of Ramadan”.

This special day is the first day that the moon is closer to the earth’s surface than it is at other times. The people of Mecca celebrate this day by gathering to praise and honor Allah. The day is considered to be very auspicious and it is a day when breaking fast is mandatory. This is a special day when people are allowed to spend their free time in a relaxed manner as they are told to observe charity and kindness to the people of the community.

During the time of Ramadan, the moonlight in the sky will be full and brighter than normal. In fact, the moon during this time will be almost as bright as the sun. For this reason, Muslims are told to make sure that they observe the day by lighting a fire in the night in a regular manner as a symbol of worship to the one who created man and is living on earth.

What is Shab-e-Miraj also means “what is Shab-e-Naj?” The term Shab-e-Miraj (miraj) is using to describe the moon that is closest to the earth during the time of Ramadan and it is also known as the crescent moon. It is because of this fact that on this day Muslims around the world will have a much closer proximity to the one called Allah. There are several observances which are observed on this special day as well as the purpose of the ritual that is performed.

On this day, the traders of the region will sell any products that they have accumulated throughout the day and buy new ones. The purpose of doing so is to make room for the coming month and the trading of products will help them earn money. Since the moon can only be viewed by the people who are sitting on the Earth’s surface, this special occasion is also referred to as “the trading of the crescent moon”.

After all the transactions have been done, a special prayer is made over the fire and then the celebrant will ask for forgiveness for those who have wronged him or her. This is done in a calm and peaceful surrounding and all eyes are turned towards the Fire in an atmosphere of utmost calm. The price that has been paid for this special day will always be remembered for a long time in the future as a result of the peace, joy and love that were shared. The entire occasion is one that is rich in tradition and culture and one that is full of fun.