Frisbee golf, recalled as Disc golf is slightly played with a difference where an interested player tosses frisbee instead of the ball used in traditional golf. Not to deny that today there are multiple examples of frisbee golf being played by many in different forms and variations across a multitude of locations and times.

The game came into account when some people threw objects at the particular target of cans, fire hydrants, to the modern-day flying frisbee golf basket. Individuals need to recall about frisbee golf because it’s usually played in an open area with the top consideration like hills, ponds, rock, or out-of-bound restrictions influence the difficulty level and add to the fun.

Though the game held its inception in the 19th century, the most direct traces to the sport can be linked to “Steady” Ed Headrick and the invention of frisbee golf. “Steady” Ed invented many things, but the two most important to the sport today are the Frisbee 1966) and the Disc Golf Pole Hole in 1977.

Founder of Disc Golf aka Frisbee Golf

The contribution of “Steady” Ed Headrick to the frisbee golf game cannot be denied because, being an employee of a company like Wham-O, he made an unmatched contribution to the development of the sport. He came up with the idea of frisbee golf discs and developed a company like DGA (Disc Golf Association), which made many suggestions to get into playing the game with better means.  The best part of this frisbee golf disc is that this game came in inception after the 1975 World Frisbee Championships became successful in with Steady Ed was also part. However, “Steady” Ed wanted more for the sport of disc golf. So, somewhere, Ed decided to resign from his VP position at Wham-O and started the Disc Golf Association business in April 1976.
Disc golf father

Frisbee golf, as a game, continued to rise in popularity via some of the pioneers of the sport. Steady Ed had invented a disc golf basket and started a company to what people call it, like PDGA, Professional Disc Golf Association. The game is best recalled for its rules and regulations that make them special among people.

In the subsequent years of development of frisbee golf, many players observed that the next big thing for frisbee golf was organized again by “Steady” Ed in 1979. One cannot forget the $50,000 Disc Golf Tournament that stood as a qualifying event and one of the largest cash prizes you would see in the sport. After that tournament, players played across the country to qualify for a spot at the big event.

Brief Overview of Relation between PDGA and Disc Golf aka Frisbee Golf

Over the years, the PDGA became more and more established as the sport’s leading promoter, and the sport continued to grow in popularity. Player ratings, competitive divisions, statistics committees, and more were beginning to take shape. Disc manufacturer Champion Discs was established, and competition for Wham-O began to appear in the industry. In addition, the sport itself was catching on with national and world events being played throughout the year and clubs popping up across the country.

The best part of this game is that it’s widely played by people keeping the best interest of the frisbee golf courses and golf tournaments!