The primary goal of life is to feed your stomach, For this reason, we are choosing to do various activities which will give some money and we can manage our family and personal life. Some people choose a job as a career option and some people choose business. Job has its own limitation but business doesn’t have. The job provides a stable life but It not make you rich but Business can make you rich if it based on the correct strategy. Starting a business is not so easy, It takes lots of effort, consistency and also needs financial stability. Here we will discuss the Topmost business you can start with a low budget, you can consider it within 10,000. It’s not a big deal for everyone, I think to invest 10.000 in their dream business. So, Let’s begin

1. Blogging :

Blogging is a great option nowadays. It has huge demands, most blogger monthly income you can’t Imagine. If you have the good writing skill then you can choose blogger as an option. For starting blogging you need a domain and hosting which will around 3k cost. If you want to go in blogging then you must have some technical skill like how to reach more audience which is called digital marketing. You have to gain some basic knowledge about digital marketing then you can easily set up a blog and earning money online through a various source like Adsense, Affiliate, guest blogger etc.

2. Online Tutor :

If you are a student or college pass out and having good commands over your subjects, then You can start Online Tutor as a business medium to earn money. You can join byju’s udemy, and other online platform and you can start earning. You can start your own web portal and give education over online to many students from different part of our country at a time. The basic skill needed which is you have the good teaching skill along with the technical skill to reach this medium otherwise you can take help from Expert.

3. Freelancer :

Freelancer is highly paid work today. You can join upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and many more Platform where you can earn a descent Income. The basic quality need that you must have technical knowledge or any other knowledge like Content writing needed. For more information You can read Top 10 Business Ideas. There are mostly demand for Website development, Designing , Digital marketing, Content writing etc.

4.Financial Advisor:

If you are a student of law or Commerce then You can become a Financial Advisor which has a good demand today. Take some basic training which has not much cost then you can start your own Fintech firm. Where you can give some financial consultation and also gives services regarding Finance like Taxation, Mutual fund investment or lots of available. You can get Idea from Here Personal Finance Tips and Tricks

5. Event Manager :

Least but not last, Event management is a good business option like other we discussed above. If you are good at managing things and takes some work pressure and interested to travelling then You can start it. If you are getting some events like birthday party, marriage party or any other occasional party then you can earn a good amount of money from this. Yes one person can’t manage all of the things that’s why you have to hire some people under you and make a good strategy to reduce their cost.