WooCommerceis a customizable and open-source platform built on WordPress. If you are launching your own business and making your brick and mortar online, WooCommerce open-source platform will allow you full ownership of your store’s content. 

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin designed to work with WordPress that allows you to set up an online store. 

Overview of WooCommercefeatures

If you are a beginner and starting out with WooCommerce you may be exhausted with a wealth of tools. But we will cover important features of WooCommerce.

  • Open-source

If you are already familiar with WordPress and find it comfortable, then you will have no problem getting started with WooCommerc. The same themes, design templates, and plugins that are compatible with your WordPress website can be used for WooCommerce. However, there are many themes and plugins available for WooCommerce to enhance your eCommerce store experience. 

  • Extensions and Plugins

There is a wide quantity of WooCommerce Extensions and plugins so you can use it to improve the functionality of the eCommerce website. WooCommerce like WordPress, allows you to integrate third-party plugins, add-ons, and extensions to extend capabilities. Sometimes you want to integrate shipment tracking, membership, and PDF invoices. If you are planning to sell your products on Amazon and eBay, you can download the extension for free. You can have a 14 day trial of integration of services and after this, you have to get paid subscription.

  • WooCommerce Direct Checkout 

Do you want to add the “Add to cart” button or allow customers to go straight to the checkout page? This extension will help customers to make a purchase quicker. 

  • Sell whatever you want 

WooCommerce is designed flexibly, not to arrange barriers in your way. So as a business owner, you can decide your market niche. You are allowed to sell any kind of product with WooCommerce. You can sell physical products like clothing and books, as well as digital products in a secure way.

  • Choose any region to sell your products

WooCommerce helps you to sell your products domestically and internationally with shipping solutions. Once you have selected the products you want to sell, the next step is to configure different shipping options from local to international shipping. On delivery, your customers would be able to see taxes and shipping charges for their location.

  • Manage your store’s look

If you have a favorite theme or template you would like to use with WordPress, You can use it with your WooCommerce store. 

There are also built-in, woo-optimized, and responsive themes, you can download for your store.

  • Reach your customers  

Optimizing your store according to Google algorithms can help you to reach plenty of customers. You can share your products on social media to help people land on your store. The email marketing campaign is also helping businesses to grow their brand awareness and get more customers. 

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