No doubt that among different types of packaging solutions, the use of custom packaging boxes is in greater demand. You will find its enormous use to be common in all industries of clothing, electronics, and toys. The actual use of the packaging boxes is visible when it comes to product protection during shipping time. It gives your brand enormous recognition in the market.

Which custom packaging type is the most popular one?

The most important category type of custom boxes is the kraft custom packaging boxes. Kraft is one such material that makes it different and unique from the rest of the packaging boxes. It is surprising to note that it is around 4 times thicker as compared to the cardboard boxes.

Plus, they do have the qualities which are lightweight, small and is helpful to protect the expensive products. This sort of packaging solution works best for fragile items as well. You will be finding the prominent use of the kraft boxes for the sake of packing gift products.

Hence, in comparison with the rest of the packaging solutions, a kraft custom box is a bit expensive. The additional cost is all because they provide a high-quality. Some of the extra add-ons will bring an extra attractive finishing for the product display.

Last but not the least; you can bring custom cheap boxes for excellent packaging. They are also known as foldable boxes. No doubt that the advancement in custom packaging carton boxes has completely changed the whole concept of packaging solutions. They are made out of durable materials which make them survive to stay with you for long years.

You will find a varied use of such boxes in the transport industry for the safe shipping of fragile items. The best thing about these boxes is that you can customize them into various shapes and sizes according to the product’s needs.


To sum up the whole discussion, we will state that the use of custom boxes is quite common for the excellent use of product protection. But as we talk about the types of custom boxes, they are all different from one another in terms of advanced purposes. You can have them add with some customization effects to make it look fascinating on retail shelves. Either big or small, you can use custom packaging boxes for the successful promotion of your brand.