There have been some negative stereotypes regarding moving firms. You must arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to choose house removals in Camden. The quality of a removal company’s service can mean the difference between a smooth move and a more problematic one. So do everything you can to ensure your faith in the business you choose.

Here are some simple questions to ask your moving company to avoid becoming a victim on moving day

After reading this article, you will learn about the essential questions you must ask before hiring house movers. This article includes all of the must-ask questions. Let’s dig into those questions.

Ask for a pre-move questionnaire

  • Always request that the removal company send a surveyor to your home to confirm the volume of your belongings to be moved and discuss your needs. Make sure anything you are relocating, including items in the attic, cellar, or garage, is visible. This visit should not be charged to you.
  • If necessary, inquire about storage options or if they can make a recommendation.
  • Request a detailed written quotation and a fixed fee following the survey and discussion of any extra services you may require.
  • Regardless of whether you intend to utilize it, inquire if they offer a packing service. If you realize you will need this, let them know as soon as possible so they can devote enough time to your packing and include it in your quote so you won’t be startled by the price.

Ask about equipment

  • Inquire about the size of the removal company’s vans and lorries. You do not want to be stuck waiting for small vans to be loaded, transferred, and then emptied. If necessary, one huge pantechnicon (a sort of large vehicle) should be provided.
  • Check that the removal company has all of the necessary extras. Therefore, such as a SatNav to swiftly locate your new house, blankets to wrap heavy furniture, hanging wardrobes, mattress covers, and so on. Furthermore, these items can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful move.
  • If necessary, inquire if your moving company provides packing boxes and, if so, how many boxes they will bring ahead of time. Some companies will sell you a set of packing boxes, while others will supply them as part of the move, and yet others will rent out reusable ones. Moreover, if they give cardboard boxes, always request double-walled boxes because they are more durable. Make sure you have plenty of tapes and a small cutter on hand to open the boxes at the other end. Many businesses also have unique bookcases or wine racks.

Ask about the staff

  • Are their employees well trained? By whom do you mean? (Training programs provided by the British Association of Removers (BAR) and other trade groups are available to removals companies.)
  • Is their workforce dress in uniform? When your front door is wide open, and your belongings are being transport back and forth by people you don’t know. Therefore, being able to recognize anyone who isn’t a company employee is critical.
  • Will the movers that assist you with your move be independent contractors or full-time employees? Casual employees are less likely to be concerned about their belongings or feel accountable for the task.

Ask about insurance

  • Inquire about their insurance coverage. Check to see if you need to add to this any valuables that their insurance would not cover throughout the relocation. Many homeowner’s insurance policies exclude everyday household items from coverage while in transportation.

Ask for some general details

  • Obtain a landline and a complete address (not a PO Box). Cowboy removal companies usually work solely based on a cell phone.


  • How would the business prefer to be compensated? Cowboy removal companies demand payment in cash. Credit cards and checks are accept by the majority of trustworthy removal businesses.


  • It is also a good idea to look into genuine client feedback for any removal companies you consider using. So you can be sure of their quality and that your move will go well.
  • Because they will be handling all of your furniture and personal belongings, you must hire a removal company with whom you are comfortable.

Removal Companies From Around the World

When planning an overseas relocation, it’s just as vital to ask all the proper questions so you know exactly what to anticipate from your moving company and can get the service you need.

  • What are the customs regulations in the country where you’ll be relocating? Your removal firm may advise you on customs regulations as well as any restricted or forbidden items that are not permitted to enter your destination country.
  • Are they a member of a reputable international trade organization? BAR Overseas, FIDI, or Omni are all possibilities. When you choose a member of a removals trade group, you can rest assured that they are following industry standards.

In conclusion, all of the above questions are essential, which you must ask before hiring any moving firm.