Every gardener has a different taste to store the plants and grow them as some like clay flower pots while some invest in plastic. Depending on one’s choice the investment has been made. Both the pots have different properties and tend to deliver results accordingly.

Clay Flower Pots

Pots for succulent plants have different importance while clay pots have thicker walls that protect the roots of the plants and weather changes and temperature. It saves from the destruction of the plant and does not blow it over easily.

Clay pots tend to form the white layer on the outside of the post. The reason for layer formation is the involvement of mineral salts dissolve in the water. The layer doesn’t look and gardeners absolutely hate these layers on their pots disgracing the beauty of their plants. The clay pots are easily broke as compared to plastic pots.

Plastic pots are quite lightweight and flexible are available in a huge variety of colors and can complement the interior and exterior of the space and home. Plastic pots are safer to use and grow plants without affecting their growth and are easier and flexible to maintain.

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