You can access your Yahoo Mail account easily from any device. However, there are some common Yahoo-related issues that users often encounter. Out of all, Yahoo Mail login problems and Yahoo mail not syncing issues are the most prevalent ones. Yahoo Mail login problem usually gets resolved by resetting the password. But when it comes to Yahoo not syncing issues, users get worried. No need to worry anymore because we have got you covered! Here we will discuss the most effective ways to resolve your syncing error quickly and easily.

Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Syncing Issue

There can be more than one reason that leads to Yahoo sync errors. Some of the main causes include the old version of the operating system or Yahoo Mail app, disabled sync option, cache memory, incorrect server settings, and more. Based on these causes, we have arranged the troubleshooting ways to fix your syncing problem, and here they go!


  1. When facing Yahoo not syncing error, your first step should be to check if you have enabled the sync option in your device. So, go to settings and ensure your Yahoo mail account is synced properly.


  1. Make sure you are using the updated operating system to make it compatible with your Yahoo Mail application. Not only your device’s operating system, but you also need to update your Yahoo Mail app.


  1. Clear the app data and cache memory. Once done, check if it helped in fixing your syncing issue.


  1. Another way to fix the problem is to force stop the application. Then, wait for a few minutes and restart it. It refreshes the active memory of the application.


  1. If none of the methods could help you. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Yahoo Mail app. This method fixes the corrupt file, and in doing so, it may resolve your syncing error.


We are confident that one of these troubleshooting actions is the solution to your syncing problem. However, if nothing works, contact Yahoo Mail Customer Support service and get your problem fixed instantly.