What to wear with leggings? We know it seems like an odd question, but it’s a common one for many women.   

Even though it’s getting warmer outside, lots of women are still embracing their favorite pair of comfy tights. It doesn’t mean you should shy away from wearing your favorite wardrobe item out in public, though. So stock it up from women’s clothing boutiques as there are so many different outfits you can create with leggings, all of which are stylish and fun to wear! 

How to choose the right leggings?

Leggings outfits are flattering if you wear the right top! 

The first step to style leggings is choosing a loose-fitting top that doesn’t cling to your body. A good rule of thumb is if the bottom edge of the shirt falls below or at your hips, it should work with leggings. As long as you choose a loose-fitting top, the leggings will be flattering no matter what.

The second step to styling is to make sure your shirt covers your backside when you bend over. Even though many of us are in love with our tights, they definitely show more than we would like when we bend over. When you choose a shirt that falls above your hips, you can ensure that this problem is solved.

Just because you aren’t showing skin doesn’t mean you don’t want to look chic while wearing leggings! You can add a cute scarf for an interesting accessory and a pair of black boots to create a fun outfit. 

Cozy and comfy outfit ideas to wear with leggings 

Leggings are appropriate to wear at both formal and informal gatherings. However, if you want it to be more versatile, look for ones with slightly thicker material. This way, you can create many different outfits with them! 

If you are looking for some outfit ideas to style your leggings, here are great options. You will definitely love what you can create with these outfits, and you will be excited to start wearing them out in public!

  • Casual Leggings Outfit


You can create a casual outfit with leggings and a long, flowy shirt. While this is an easy option, it’s still very stylish, and you will feel great in this look. The best thing about creating a look like this one is that you won’t have to worry about anything being too tight around your body. You can wear whatever casual shoes you like, and you will still look amazing!

  • Flashy Leggings Outfit


Add a bold pop of color to your outfit; try wearing rich orange leggings with a bright blacktop. This is a perfect way to ensure that your leggings stand out without being too bold. Even though this is a big statement, it doesn’t have to be hard to create! In fact, the whole look only takes a few minutes, and you will love how fun and flirty your new ensemble looks as soon as you finish creating it. Also, it’s a nice alternative to dress if you plan to go for a movie night out and wear it. Super comfy. Super stylish.

  • Leggings Outfit for Date Night

Layering a long-sleeve tee over your leggings is one of the simplest ways to style. The idea behind this outfit is that the shirt covers your tights, similar to UGG boots. If you find that layering isn’t what you like, it only takes a few alterations to pull this outfit together.

If you want to create an ensemble that is perfect for date night, try wearing your leggings with a pair of heeled ankle boots. Your top should be fitted and slightly cropped for the best look. A great accessory to complete this outfit is a statement necklace!

  • Leggings Outfit for Work


Creating an office-appropriate look isn’t difficult with leggings! The best way to ensure that your outfit is appropriate for work is to wear a medium-length shirt. If you want to be flashy, try wearing an iridescent women’s top underneath your blazer. This will create a perfect blend of professional and fun.

If you are looking for something more casual, choose a simple blouse and wear it with your leggings, flats, and cute handbag. This look is perfect for any day of the week, and it’s so easy to style!

  • Leggings Outfit: Night-Time


Create a nighttime ensemble by wearing your leggings with a form-fitting shirt and heels. For an outfit that is a little more casual, wear a graphic tee and sandals with your leggings. The best accessory for this look is a great watch!

Creating an outfit that looks great with leggings does not have to be complicated. Remember to keep the top of your outfit longer than your leggings, and you will feel amazing in anything that you wear.

Wrapping up: 

There you have it – amazing ways to style your leggings. If you want a great fall outfit, choose one of the outfits from a women’s clothing boutiques that works best for you and enhances your personality. Remember to keep the top of your outfit longer than your leggings and stay away from anything too tight! If you don’t know how to style with leggings, this guide will be a good starting point!