You have certainly already explored our roundup of trendy fall-winter 2020-2021 coats to shop to be on top this winter. But your trendy outfit wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t wearing the right pair of shoes. Any fashionista who respects herself knows very well the importance of shoes whose quality and style survive passing fashions without losing their appeal and modernity. The trendy Fall / Winter 2020-2021 boots and ankle boots are a great investment because they promise to outperform all of their competitors from previous years and those to come.

Super comfortable and stylish, tall black combat boots are a must-have for the cold season. As punk as they are stylish, these shoes have a very chic androgynous appeal that trendy girls can’t do without. You may be aware that military boots are not a new fashion trend, but their style is. They have a higher sole, sometimes reminiscent of grunge or even trekking.

What to pair with military ankle boots:

  • They are perfect to wear with a knitted sweater dress
  • You can combine them with your favorite fall rain outfit
  • Pair them with the famous teddy coat Teddy coat
  • Experiment with a denim or pleated skirt Bet on a long black sweater dress, a leather jacket and a pair of tall black combat boots.
  • An orange Teddy Coat goes perfectly with military boots
  • Chunky platform Chelsea boots

What to wear with your 4 favorite boots

Know that the arrangement of our military boots with our clothes can be easy if we follow certain rules. This short guide shows you what to pair the 4 most popular types of boots with , for looks that are always on top. We can bet that these few tips will make you regret summer and its sandals!


These small ankle boots can have flat or high heels. The heel-less version gives a more casual look, while the heeled and pointed toe ankle boots give a dressier look.

We wear them with:

Skinny jeans or leggings / jeggings that reach down to the ankles, so that the pants can be tucked into the boot. In the case of high heel booties, they can be worn with wide and long pants. But for this look to succeed, only the toe of the boot should be visible. Skirts that reach below the knee, for example a pencil or midi skirt.

2. Mid-calf boots

These are not the easiest boots to wear, as they reach exactly to the widest part of the calves. But there is always a way to average!

We wear them with:

A long skirt that just covers the top of the boots a little. Boot cut jeans: this type of jeans with a straight cut (without being wide) is specifically made to be worn over boots of this style. A mini-skirt: since the boot hides the ankles, which is the thinnest part of the leg, the mini balances the silhouette while showing a little thigh. The gaucho pants (or culottes) , coming over the boots:

3. Boots below the knee

This type of boots, whether they are with or without heels (riding style) are a great classic and come back year after year. Why? Because they go with (almost) everything!

  • We wear them with:
  • Leggings or skinny jeans.
  • A skirt or dress above the knee, with tights.

4. Thigh boot

This type of boots is more and more popular. We like the thigh boots because they allow you to lengthen the leg. Depending on their height, these boots can give a more edgy or sexier look.

We wear them with:

  • Leggings or skinny jeans .
  • A mini-skirt or a short dress that arrives just above the boots.
  • A sweater dress and tights.


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