When there is a presence of security in any area, the general feeling of safety and wellbeing for the public increases significantly. When hiring security patrol, you have the choice between using marked and unmarked patrols. While there is an ongoing debate about whether marked security or unmarked security is the better option, the truth it that the type of patrol you choose depends upon the reason you are hiring security in the first place.

When to use marked vehicle patrols

Hiring marked vehicle security patrols is your best option of security if you require security presence regularly. Many argue that marked security patrols are better at reducing crime rates than non-marked patrols and help to take the pressure off of local residents.

Marked security patrols provide fast and effective support in any emergency situation. Having a marked patrol car drive around your area of work, for example, especially at night, is a great way to reduce crime and increase a sense of safety.

In general there are three main situations in which marked security patrols could be used including residential, business, and events.


A residence is somewhere you should feel safe. Whether it’s your own building that you live in personally, or a building that you own while other residents live there, adding marked patrol can give a huge sense of security and increase the value of the homes therein.


There’s no doubt about it that having marked security patrol at your business will increase the sense of security, but it will also create a sense of professionalism and pride. The presence of a security team can directly impact the atmosphere associated with your brand, and the presence of a security team may even mean that people chose your company over others.


Using marked security vehicle patrols to patrol events gives you a huge advantage when it comes to crowd control. When there are a lot of people together in one place, things can easily get out of hand. Having marked security vehicle patrols makes people very aware that security is present and can have a huge impact on conflict management before conflict even arises.

Why used marked vehicle patrol?

As discussed, marked vehicle patrols can greatly influence the atmosphere of safety, even more so when they are combined with marked on-foot patrols. Among other things, marked vehicle patrols offer:

  • An authoritative presence: People know where to go if something is wrong and they know that there are trained professionals to deal with any situation that arises.
  • Deterrence of Crime: Crime rates are significantly reduced when potential criminals know there is a security team present. What better way to let those potential criminals know that there’s a security team present than to have marked security patrol cars around?
  • Atmosphere of safety: It makes sense that with the other two factors taken into account, the security team contributes greatly to the atmosphere of safety felt in any situation. Knowing that an area is being watched by trained professionals makes all the difference.

If you’re a residential building owner, a business owner, or you are putting on a large event, consider the difference that a marked vehicle security will have in these places and how the presence of a professional team of security experts can offer peace and professionalism to any situation.