Now Head Model are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The Head Model is closely related to the head of the mannequin. So now the demand for the head of the human model is higher and higher. Wig styling and haircuts are usually done when the wig is not worn. In order to do this more effectively, wigs on the model’s head can achieve better results. This bracket can help the wig fall down naturally, so as to achieve accurate modeling. So where to buy a manikin head is really a problem.

Where to buy Head Model for wholesalers

First of all, we need to identify wholesalers. A distributor who sells products to a retailer. The wholesaler will sell his products in large quantities to the retailer, so that the retailer can buy a single commodity at a lower price than he. Wholesalers usually buy goods directly from manufacturers, but they can also buy from distributors. In either case, wholesalers get a big discount because they buy a lot of goods. Wholesalers rarely participate in the actual production of products, but focus on sales.

Wholesalers need a lot of Head Model. So it’s better for them to buy Head Model directly from the factory. But in some countries, there are no factories that produce mannequin heads. So they need to import from countries that have a lot of factories. Now there are many factories in China that produce head models. Alibaba is a good way to import wholesalers from China. Or Google the site to find the factory and contact them.

Where can I buy the model head for the shopkeeper

Salon owners need fewer model heads than wholesalers, but they also need more. Sometimes they have at least one wig shop. On the one hand, they need the head of the mannequin for their own use. They need the model’s head to show the wig. On the other hand, they can also sell dummy heads and wigs in stores. So the quality of the game is also great. They can also buy it from the factory, but it may be difficult for them to transport it to the head of the manikin. So they can buy directly from wholesalers. Or they can buy it from Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, global express and other websites. They can contact the seller on the website, tell them they need more quantity, and then get a reasonable price directly from the seller.

Qingdao Huayang United International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, production, sales and service of training heads, mannequins, mannequin heads and wigs. After years of innovation and development, the company now has more than 200 employees and covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters. More than a thousand kinds of products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions.

The History & Evolution of the Head Model

The history of Head Model is almost synonymous with the history of humanity, because for as long as we have come together as a society, there have been efforts to make men and women look more attractive, younger or healthier, and the heads of beauty models may be longer. More than you realize

The composition of ancient people

Two thousand years ago, a person living in Greece, Rome or Egypt would have acquired as much makeup, wigs or other cosmetics as a large city does today. Using different types of alchemy and chemistry to make cosmetics, such as early concealer made from lead – often leads to illness and even death over time. But the Head Models we know today were not familiar in some cultures, such as the Spartans, who considered their women to be the most beautiful in the world and therefore banned the use of any cosmetics. Basic wooden or clay Head Model heads are used to store wigs or test makeup, although not many are currently in use.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, Islamic societies absorbed much of the culture that had been lost in the Dark Ages. New cosmetics such as eyeliner are popular in Islamic countries, and cosmetologists experiment with using colors and shadows on people and plaster heads. Dyes like indigo can offer a richer range of colors, although they are still so expensive that few people can afford the ability to use them or even test their properties.

The first real model

The term “Head Model” as we know it comes from the French tradition of hanging clothes from Windows for passers-by to see. Although it seems normal today, this was a marketing revolution six hundred years ago that allowed clothing merchants to become overnight celebrities on first use because everyone wanted to look around and see their wares. However, fashion is far more than cosmetics, and makeup artists or businessmen are not capable of producing for hundreds of years.

School of thought

In the 1800s, changes in education moved Head Models out of the backstage and into the classroom. These characters became the main condition for students to try makeup and hair in some of the first large beauty salons. At that time, only men worked as beauticians. Often, doctors sell cosmetics because they make very little money selling them to people who can’t afford most of them.