One of the biggest style statements is to buy Pendleton throws, the most beautiful Native American throws and blankets, and leave them strategically dotted around the home. Pendleton throws, and they come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, are absolutely gorgeous and are a must-have item in any home.

Here are some other must-have items, all of which you can buy online.

Decor items you cannot resist

Of course you are going to have the sofa and chairs of your choice (we love velvet) and a coffee table and dining room table. But it’s the small things that you place around the house that turn it into a home. A few beautiful paintings or prints are a must and you will slowly build up a collection of art as you build up a home. Throw cushions are a must and these do well in every single room. Mix and match patterns and always have a few vibrant cushions mixed in with a few simple cushions. Decorative items such as beautiful ceramic pots, bowls and vases are a must, and we love a few glass items too. And then there are blankets and you can get incredible Pendleton throws online.

Pendleton throws

Pendleton throws are magnificent and they go delightfully in any home, no matter what the style of decor is. A Pendleton blanket is Native American in style and design. They are 100% pure wool blankets, woven out of a craft that developed over a hundred years ago. They are warm, they are cozy, they are luxurious and they are durable and strong. A Pendleton blanket is the kind of blanket that will go with you, from one home to another. It is the kind of blanket that will get passed down to your daughters or sons. It is the kind of blanket that holds memories in its wool and in its weave. It is a blanket of memories.

Pendleton blankets as decor items are a pure must, as pure as wool. You can keep them folded along the lower edge of a bed, or you can pull them up over a bed. You can keep them over the arms of a chair or folded nicely along the length of a sofa. They look great in a pile in a basket near the fireplace or under the bookcases.  They are beautiful accessories to have, they make rooms look warm and stylish, and they are both beautiful and practical. In the same way you need a painting or two, a vase or two, a few cushions, and a few ceramic pieces, you need a Pendleton blanket or two too. They make a home look gorgeous.

Where to buy Pendleton blankets

If you are lucky you can go to the Pendleton factory but if this is out of your way you can find a few specialist online stores that stock Pendleton blankets and throws. You can buy Pendleton throws at good prices on the internet and the blankets will be delivered to you. Your only problem will be choosing a favorite design!