When it comes to the sport of softball, many people have some misconceptions about the sport. Some people may think that it’s easier than baseball or only meant for little girls or young teens, but those who think that couldn’t be further from the truth. While in softball, it’s required to use a bigger ball and a different pitching technique, that doesn’t make it easier or even inferior to that of baseball.

What people think is a sport that consists of loud and supportive chants/songs, big bows to tie up long hair, or simple games on the weekends as a hobby for young girls is actually a more complex sport that is composed of two different versions. What is most commonly associated with softball is fastpitch, where pitchers throw the ball in a windmill motion as fast as they can over the plate for batters to then hit the ball mostly towards the infield as a method to advance runners on the plate.

Many people don’t know what softball has another category, called slowpitch, where the pitcher throws the ball in a “lobbing” motion much slower over the plate so the batter can try to hit the ball as far as they can. This means that slowpitch softball fields have a deeper outfield to accommodate for the far hits. Another thing that is much different from fastpitch softball to slowpitch is that slowpitch softball is primarily played by men.

So, given the differences between the two versions of the sport, it’s also mostly unknown that some of the equipment needed for each version is a little different, as well. Other than the softball fields requiring different proportions, the bats are slightly different, as well.

The team at HBSports knows this all too well, that for slowpitch softball, any player wants to make direct contact with the ball to ensure it can fly towards the outfield as far as possible. Have the right bat that is perfectly fit for you and your swing is the key to success.

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With these bats, find your balance that will keep your swing consistent, level, and strong every time. You shouldn’t just be using any old bat you found in your basement or was your friend’s, every player is different, so every player needs their own bat that will fit their swing technique and their weight.

All Miken slowpitch softball bats meet the requirements and regulations that most slowpitch softball leagues abide by, so there are no worries that you’ll be disqualified or benched if you have a bat that isn’t allowed to be used during games or tournaments.

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