There are many factors that make someone the best neurologist doctor in India. Everything from how they communicate with you and listen to you to statistics like experience and success rate are factors. Even the hospitals they work at determine how good they are as doctors because they are only as good as their support staff.

The Max Healthcare group of hospitals have a very impressive dossier of doctors and support team, all of whom are committed to giving you the best round the clock care possible. As a neurologist, they will be dealing with all problems concerning the peripheral and central nervous system.

This means they treat most ailments that are not contained to a specific organ, such as muscle weakness, confusion, and a change in sensation and other such feelings. They also deal with disorders of the brain like stroke and nervous system infections, to name a few. We have the best neurologists doctor in India for you.

The Top Neurologist In India

Winning the title of best neurologist in India is Dr Anand Kumar Saxena. An accomplished doctor, Dr Anand is the head of the neurology department at the Max Super Speciality Hospital located in Saket, Delhi. He has over 20 years of experience and specialises in movement disorders, ischemic stroke, nerve-muscle disorders and headache disorders.

His proficiency in his field is genuinely unparalleled, making him the best neurologist doctor in India. Dr Anand is a valued member of the Indian Academy of Neurology, where he has published many papers as well as given many speeches. He also has a blog where he discusses strokes, the multiple implications and the aftercare required.

Winning many awards and accolades, it is no wonder that Dr Anand is at the top of his field. He has even won an ‘Around the World’ contest. The doctor is a good communicator and is invited to speak at many conferences and events to share his insight into neurology.

He also has an award-winning bedside manner and has actually won an award for it; out of all his accolades, his most cherished may perhaps be the ‘Star Performer by Patient’ award given to him by the Saket City Hospital. As a member of numerous associations, he is aware of all the latest techniques and technology in the field of neurology and will employ it using his experience and a steady hand.


Dr Anand Kumar Saxena is the top doctor in the field of neurology, and he has been chosen for this title both because of his success rate and because of the years of experience, he possesses that cannot be measured. The Max hospital website makes everything from looking a doctor up to booking an appointment as seamless as possible.

Max Healthcare group of hospitals provide you with everything you will need during the time of your treatment, right from world-class doctors to the best amenities. Visit the site to book an appointment with the best neurologist doctor in India, Dr Anand Kumar Saxena.