Macon is 84 miles away from Atlanta Airport and passengers have myriad of options to choose from to span the distance. A bus service is available from Atlanta Airport, namely Groome and it will take you to Mercer University Student Center. The ticket for the travel would range from $40-$50 and it will take 1 hour 50 minutes to reach Macon. You have another option in Greyhound which runs from the airport to Macon every 4 hours. Groome runs hourly trips to Macon hence may be more convenient for people coming from their flight at odd hours.  You have two more options in the name of airport shuttle and driving your own car.

Travel Uninterrupted to Macon with Atlanta car service

Public transport is the cheapest if you are not fuzzy about the interiors, seating and the amenities provided inside the bus. Whether it is up to your taste and comfort you need to decide and we are sure that you would have travelled in them many times. The public transport choice will also depend on how many of you are traveling in the bus. There is a third option and that is the Town Car from Macon to Atlanta car service. if you want to ride in style and comfort you will choose this transportation and it will be an absolutely private car trip if you are going with your wife, lover, or accomplishes. It is also convenient if you are traveling in a small group. This is also the costliest option of the three, but the most luxurious and comfortable option. No stoppage on the way and no mandatory halts by the public transport. The car will fathom the 129.6 km within 1 hour and 23 minutes and you will be safely home before you even realize it, such is the comfort of traveling in the private car service.

Macon to Atlanta car service

Ride to Cheersport in Style with private SUV

Cheersport, Atlanta is another favored destination that initiates many people to travel the distance to watch the cheerleaders perform in the Cheersport venue. Being held at Georgia World Congress Center the event attracts over 20,000 athletes competing with each other to lift the trophy.  It may take about 7 minutes to 23 minutes depending on which route you choose. The distance can be achieved by public transport, and it will also be cheaper. It is for a single person or a couple of friends, but may not be adequate for a group of classmates or college colleagues. Hiring private Cheersport Atlanta Car Service is more convenient, comfortable and logical. If you are a family then it will need more than just public transport such as a luxury SUVs that can carry up to 6 passengers for a mere $105 or Limo Sprinters for 14 passengers costing about $200 or more.

There are major benefits to be had when you travel in private cars, vans and SUVs, as it will have comfortable seating, AC, music, DVD Player, TV screen, GPS and an experienced driver who will also be the guide throughout the tour till you reach back home. With a private luxury transport you will have no worries like driving the car on your own or thinking about routes and pondering over navigation.  You don’t have to beat red lights or bothered by traffic cops road rules violation. Overall it will be an unobtrusive private affair and will be absolutely sound proof owing to better insulation of the transport.

Luxury Limo Service is suited for VIP guests

Atlanta airport travel is another journey that will need the services of a safe and reliable transport because any delay in between will miss your flight. Hiring Airport Limousine Service Atlanta is best advised if you are to send off a VIP guest to the airport or receive one coming from overseas. The private limo will be all geared up to welcome the guest at the airport including a liveried chauffeur. The limo will wait for the guest to arrive at the terminal and even wait if the flight is delayed by a couple of hours. These drivers are trained gentleman who will impress one and all with their impeccable manners and helpful nature and are the perfect escort for your important guests. The luxury limo service is fitted with GPS and also the latest tracking system for flights, and the chauffeur will know the flight path of the guest’ plan and accordingly reach the airport or wait at the terminal till the plane lands at the tarmac. You can definitely rely on the drivers to be responsible and the provider will ensure that only their best drivers go to receive corporate guests and dignitaries. Knowing the ways corporate guests want to be treated with the chauffeur will observe all protocols during the entire airport experience. They will repeat the same if you ask them to collect the VIP from hotel room and drop them at the airport.