When installed properly and sealed for protection, homeowners can expect bluestone tiles and pavers to last for decades. Ideal for high traffic applications and practical for patios and pool decks, Bluestone tiles Melbourne provides an alternative to flagstone or other types of natural and fabricated paving stone.

Bluestone pavers Melbourne have been popular since the Gold Rush. This was due to its strength and ease to work with. Many of the old and beautiful buildings in Melbourne such as the Melbourne Town Hall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the paving on Collin’s Street are made from bluestone tiles and pavers.

In preparation for the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, the council put asphalt to change the look of the city. But, by the 1970s a lot of the asphalt was started to damage and cracking. The council realized that the original bluestone tiles were a tougher material, and since then the council has been trying to upgrade the Melbourne Central Business District(CBD) with bluestone tiles.

Nowadays, if you walk in the Melbourne Central Business District(CBD), you will notice some of the original bluestone paving pitchers from the 1850s.

Generally, bluestone pavers are sealed so water can’t pass through to the base of the pavers. This means that water stays on the top of the tiles and washes away dirt from the upper surface.

Bluestone Pavers Melbourne

Currently, the City of Melbourne is installing absorptive bluestone tiles and pavers. This allows, water to pass through the tiles to the nearby plants and trees which improves the surrounding soil.

Bluestone pavers Melbourne is one of the most unique and underrated natural stones. Adding texture, class, and value to your home or build the adaptability of bluestone pavers is one of its best assets.

The markings and colors of bluestone tiles and pavers, which range from different greys to different blues evolve and build character over time, adding a unique charm to your home, outdoor area, or commercial build.

Bluestone tiles and pavers are used to create feature walls, pavers, wall cladding, water features, driveways, capping stones, and a range of other landscaping and architectural purposes.

Advantages of Bluestone Tiles and Pavers.

  • Bluestone is durable and its texture adds to its toughness.
  • It can be used around the pool because of its non-slippery finish.
  • It handles the change of temperature very well, resisting any damages.
  • Bluestone pavers are available in different dimensions and thickness. That’s why it can be used in the home as well as commercial build.
  •  It allows you to pick the color and design of your house or commercial buildings according to your choice.
  • Bluestone tiles and pavers are known for adding luxurious and aesthetic appeal to your house which makes it unique and popular in the construction sector.
  • You can buy bluestone tiles and pavers at a reasonable price.

It Provides Uniqueness to the area.

Bluestone tiles and pavers are a superb choice for most of the unique houses and outdoor entertainment areas. With mixes of earth’s blues and grey charcoals, Bluestone tiles Melbourne oozes with modern grace and has a sophistication that is hard to match. Well built and well-balanced, Bluestone pavers Melbourne can be used to pavement a wide range of outdoor areas. With its non-slip surface, many variations of finishes, thicknesses, and formats, it’s a good choice for your patio and footway.

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