When it comes to a wine subscription you do not have to go with a natural wine subscription at all; the wine you choose to drink is the wine you love or the wine you learn about and learn to love. Organic wines, or natural wines, are wines where there are zero chemicals or preservatives added, in the winemaking process. And while you might be thinking of this and thinking that the wine you drink is always natural, it is not. Many wines, including the very well known brands, add certain ‘ingredients’ and these added ingredients are not always natural. We are not in a million years saying you should not drink them, after all, good wine is good wine. But you should be aware of what you are drinking and this is why natural and organic wines are becoming the choice of many.

Natural wine is pure wine

We have a generation that wants purity in all its forms. Look how many more vegans there are today than even a year ago. This is why an organic wine subscription is so much in demand. A wine that is made with a natural process is pure. You can see it, taste it and smell it. It is a magnificent wine and it is fast becoming the wine of choice by wine lovers, not just in Australia, but around the world! Natural and organic wines are winning wine competitions across the globe. And a natural winemaking process is an interesting and different process.

As a wine connoisseur or even a new wine lover, it is interesting to learn about the winemaking process. And of course, learn about new wines. We would advise a wine subscription where you get introduced to new wines regularly. It’s a lovely thing to do.