Are you tired of walking on the golf course with all the necessary items with the big weight of your own bag? Okay, so try using a load skate this time! Like other golf vehicles and equipment, load skates have been extensively developed to provide greater health and sporting benefits. Well, they are now lighter, faster to work, faster to bend, stronger and more comfortable on muscles and joints, ultimately resulting in better performance. In addition, modern load skates come with highly advanced brakes and holders for storing some useful items such as golf balls, scorecards and water.

In short, nowadays you will find trolleys with different sizes, shapes and different features. Broadly speaking, trolleys are classified as manual or electric. In the manual collection, you will see two models: drag and push. The pull trolley is not ideal for people who suffer from chronic joint disease or who crave for some of the best shots of their lives. This is because it drains a lot of your energy and puts pressure on your joints for efficient operation.

This is why most golfers prefer push trolleys. However, for those who are not on a tight budget to keep a lightweight trolley, they prefer an electric trolley that runs on batteries. Electric models have lithium batteries that make them lighter in weight. No matter what you buy, consider buying a three-wheeled trolley.

A 3-wheel load skate is definitely a more efficient option than a 2-wheel one. Although the two wheels are mostly found in manual pull trolleys, they are also found in push and electric models. The biggest reason for choosing a three-wheeler is the maximum stability that no other trolley type can offer. When playing on flat, uneven or bumpy terrain, balancing with a three-wheel trolley makes it easier and easier to ride. Walking along with being more stable and lighter in weight are probably the two strong selling points of the 3-wheel load skate that are in more demand these days.

As a tip, consider a modern model with 3 wheels with larger wheels and softer bearings that slide easily over the grass with tires floating in the air. This model is definitely very user friendly. Most of these models come with a variety of accessories such as auxiliary holders and brakes to reduce the speed of the trolley or stabilize the trolley when in play.

If you are confused between electric and manual, it is important to know that a manual trolley is a cheaper option that lasts longer and costs no extra in terms of regular battery replacement.