With technological advancement, new techniques are being introduced to make people’s lives more straightforward and manageable. Smart homes have become the base of every city now. It has made lives comfortable and straightforward. With just one click on the remote or through voice command, a person can play songs, stream shows, control the lights or change the room temperature. All these can even be operated through smartphones. In a smart home, everything is automated!

It is essential to have an uninterruptible power supply for a wifi router that helps make the functioning of all these technologies possible, even if there is a power cut. Without wifi or internet facility, smart homes become the same as ordinary homes, so it is necessary to have a backup to live a hassle-free life.  Moreover, in today’s time, even basic items such as watches or earphones depend on electricity. A considerable amount of resources are lost due to unforeseen power cuts.

UPS battery is the only solution to all network woes you may face due to a power shortage. It provides backup power when there is a power loss. A good UPS not only helps supply backup power but also acts as a shield to expensive devices. It offers surge protection, in which you do not need to separate surge protector strip. It gives time to the user to shut down the machines when the power goes out. In today’s time, where people are working from home, it is advantageous. UPS battery helps people save documents or files if there is a power loss and hence provide peace of mind to the users. Even during binge-watching, it prevents putting your entertainment at a hault. A small UPS system offers power for a few minutes so that you can save the file on the computer and power down appliances, whereas the more extensive system provides several hour back-ups.

#SchneiderElectricIndia is an innovative and technology-driven company that provides the best range of UPS battery backup systems from large data centres to smart homes. It includes Easy UPS 3L, Galaxy VS, Galaxy VX, Galaxy VM and many others. Their UPS battery has an excellent backup to ease the life of users. A small investment in UPS can protect your devices against damage. Apc by Schneider Electric has a long history of ensuring certainty in smart homes where every device is connected by providing battery backup and UPS solution  for all type of requirements.