We all must have heard the stories of our grandmother or grandmother’s safe at one time or another.

We all know how our grandmothers, mothers, sisters have been so great at saving their money. But this money is prone to risk if kept at home. Moreover, this money stays as it is with no earnings on it.

To keep savings safe and provide interest on the same, banks now offer women the savings accounts with a number of benefits. With these accounts you get safety, you get interest and most importantly you are not financially dependent on anyone.

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Women play multiple roles in their lives and deserve multiple benefits on their saving account. For this, AU Bank offers the Tejaswini Savings account where you can avail:

Monthly interest payout: Under this account, AU Bank pays interest on your deposits every month. With this, you have an earning source every month.

Preferential pricing: If you open this account, then the bank gives you preferential pricing in most banking transactions, products and services.

Family banking: You can share the banking facilities with your family as well.


  • A VISA Gold Debit Card so you can avail many benefits
  • Multiple Insurance Benefits like personal air accident insurance, card liability insurance, purchase protection and personal accident cover
  • Locker facility (if required) So that along with the savings, you also keep your jewelry safe.
  • 24*7 Customer Support for all your complaints. Now no problem will remain unsolved.

Given all these benefits, it’s time to take a wise decision! Ladies, keep your savings safe, earn on it and remain financially independent with an AU Bank Tejaswini Savings account.

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