Indoor air quality is crucial whether you work in a specialized industry or are considering IAQ improvements for reopening in accordance with the post-pandemic changes. The portable air purifiers are a proven method to meet with the new air quality requirements and recommendations. 

One of the biggest advantages of a portable air purifier is its simplicity in setup, daily usage, and maintenance. Rather than making any costly upgrades to your entire HVAC system, you can easily plug-and-play air purifiers and place all of them in different spaces needing protection.  Here is a little more about portable air purifiers and benefits of using them in your office, business, school, or home. 

While a portable air purifier may not always be necessary for each and every space, there are various reasons why you should be getting an air purifier. The air purifiers are very great when you are trying to improve an indoor environment. Poor air quality can tend to affect productivity, cause illnesses, and even increase sick days that directly impact a business’s bottom line. 

Some of the spaces need good air purifier technologies because they happen to have higher concentrations of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air. The airborne contaminants happen to spread illnesses, such as the flu viruses and the viruses that cause COVID-19. 

Some buildings may even require air purifier systems which are based on industry and for some regulatory reasons. For instance, all hospitals need to follow certain guidelines which are set out by the CDC for Environmental Infection Control. Therefore, on the basis of your industry standards for air quality, you may need air purifier controls in order to ensure that your building follows the appropriate health and safety standards. 

Certain benefits of using air purifier systems 


  • Relieve Asthma and Allergy Symptoms 


Asthma and allergies are all prevalent chronic conditions that are impacted by air quality. Various pollutants such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander contribute to asthma or allergy symptoms, causing difficulty breathing and forcing the various bronchial tubes to become inflamed. Asthma and allergies are all symptoms of sick building syndrome!


  • Eliminate VOCs, harmful chemicals and odors from the air 


The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are all toxic gases that are emitted by certain types of materials and machines. VOCs all can include nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. It is not necessary for the VOCs to be associated with products or machines. Common materials also give off VOCs. Various kinds of laminates, paints, upholstered furniture, air fresheners, different types of flooring, gypsum ceilings, metal powder-coated paint, and fabrics can all give off a range of VOCs. 


  • Improve productivity in the workplace


While the air quality may seem like a small thing to a huge business, poor air quality may result in decreased productivity, increased sick days, and overall poor health of the employees. Introducing an air purifier into your workspace can further reduce the chance of your employees being uncomfortable, distracted, and sick. 

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger. This article is about portable air purifiers.