India is a land of diversity with a plethora of geographical features and there are too many places to explore. The travel industry in India hopes to create 46 million job opportunities by 2025. Many Government initiatives have resulted in travel and tourism becoming one of the fastest-growing industries, uncovering a bright future for those who want to pursue a career in it. If you are passionate about travelling, it can be a rewarding and interesting career. Tourism management course in India is becoming popular among young pass outs for its endless career opportunities.

One should always choose a career option that has high scope in future. If you are still hesitant to pursue your passion as your profession, we can give you some good reasons to realize why you should take the leap.

  1. Job opportunities:

Graduates from some of the best management colleges in Eastern India are opting for tourism as a career option as there is a huge demand for job-ready professionals in travel and tourism industry. Being the largest earner of foreign exchange world-wide, this industry employs millions of people directly or indirectly through associated service industries. One can work in airlines, hotels, transportations and various other administrative departments after studying tourism management.

  1. Technology can’t threaten your job:

In this era of technological revolution and automation, tourism is one of those industries that are not vulnerable. It is a people’s industry and no technology can replace the warmth and emotional connect people crave while travelling. Whether they’re in a resort or on a plane, going for an adventure sport or out at a fancy restaurant – there is no alternative for a smiling face and attentive service. Meaningful connections cannot be achieved by robots or high-tech gadgets.

  1. Everyday exciting:

Imagine getting paid for travelling around. That’s what it is! If you find a desk job to be boring, a career in the travel and tourism industry is perfect for you. The opportunity to explore different places in the world will make your job super exciting and there will be no place for monotony. Although, the job demands you to be creative where you have to come out with innovative ways to ensure that travellers enjoy their journey and all their needs are taken care of. You are required to be super active to tackle any unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Money matters:

Travel and tourism jobs offer a good salary. So, it will be easy to maintain the balance between passion, profession and financial aspects. Additionally, there are several designations to switch into for better salary packages. Tourism jobs also grant lovable salary hikes to their employees with some other perks like heavy discount rates at numerous places, free entry to private parties and many more.

  1. Learning opportunity:

Once you become a skilled professional, there will be no looking back. You can be hired by recruiters at any corner of the world. Travelling to different parts of the world, meeting people of different cultures and ethnicities are something you can enjoy. There is a lot of scope to indulge in adventure and it will be a challenging job where you will learn something new every day.