Selenium is an open-source platform, which is used to test the web application. Selenium can run across different operating systems and browsers.

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Different Testing Tools:


The greatest strength of selenium is its being compact and freeware computer. The software can be freely downloaded and used as a community-based resource.

Operating Systems supports:

Selenium can be run on various Operating systems, such as Mac, UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc. The Selenium Suite allows you to create a customized test over any platform and then run it on a different platform. Example: You can use Windows OS to design and run test cases easily on a Linux-based system.

Supports multiple languages:

Selenium supports various languages such as pearl, Javascript, Ruby, Python, C#, etc. It can operate with different programming languages, whatever the developer is comfortable with.

Support for browsers:

Selenium provides support for multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. This is highly informative when researching and testing simultaneously across different browsers.

Device testing

Selenium Automation Test can be introduced on Ios, iPhone, and Blackberry for a mobile web application, which can help to create the feedback required to address problems on an ongoing basis.

Continuous Updates:

Selenium helps community-based and active support allows constant updates and modification. Such modification is readily accessible and does not require a specific time for preparation. This makes selenium active and efficient.

Loaded suits of Selenium:

Selenium is not only a single tool, it is also a packed set of different testing tools and is therefore referred to as a package. Each method is designed to meet different testing and research requirements. Selenium may also be used to support Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, and Selenium IDE.

Easy implementation:

Selenium offers an easy-to-use interface that helps design and run experiments quickly and efficiently. Its Open-Source features help users script their extensions, making it easy to develop and even manipulate custom actions at an advanced level.

In Conclusion, Selenium Developer has a great scope and a secure future in the IT sector. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for testing professionals in multinational companies like TCS, Samsung, and IBM. Having a Selenium certification gives an added advantage to your resume. Enroll in FITA Academy for Selenium Training in Pune and get your certification from Industry expert guidance.


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