Choosing a motorcycle helmet type can be a tough task as different helmet types have benefits and pitfalls.

Since no helmets have designed in the same style, it is important to know about wearing half-face helmets.

If you are one of those riders who like to wear half-face helmets, there is a guide on why should you choose a half helmets.

Why should you Choose Half Face Helmet?

Riding a motorcycle is all about feeling the swish of wind passing across your face. The right type of helmet helps to enhance road safety and head protection from impacts.

Half-face helmets have considered the least head protection due to the absence of chin and jaw protection. Regarding eye protection, they tend to have a drop-down face shield to protect the eyes from impacts.

Since the half face helmets have more exposure of the eyes, face, and chin, it makes great ventilation to feel the swish of air and wind passing across the face. This natural ventilation makes a great reason to wear a half face helmet for showing great freedom. Because the headgear has no extra protection required, it only requires a chinstrap to strap around the chin.

The half face helmet makes great wear to ride in the summer as the helmet has natural ventilation, which leaves the face and eyes to avoid suffocation in other helmet types. Because the half helmet already has the eyes and face exposed, you do not need to flip up the face shield or chin bar to eat or drink on the road. This makes one of the greatest reasons for choosing to wear a half face helmet.

Riders wear half face helmets, as this helmet type is very lightweight to wear. Less weight means less burden on the neck and chin, which does not add any unnecessary bulk on the road. This lightweight function makes the best reason to wear a half face helmet.

Pitfalls of Half Face Helmet

Half face helmets leave freedom of air and offering natural ventilation on the road. However, half face helmets leaves can lead to pitfalls. Half face helmets offer the least head protection in which the helmet only covers the top part of your head. This leads to a serious risk of a fatal road accident.

The major issues about half face helmets are the construction of the headwear in which it does not respond well to other weather conditions. In other words, the half face helmet does not protect all weather as the headwear damages the exterior shell. H

alf face headgears have designed to wear in the summer as cold exposes to the neck and face resulting in numbness. Half face helmets have meant to construct for summer rides to avoid suffering from suffocation.

Why do Riders Continue to Wear Half Face Helmets?

You have read the reasons why should you choose half helmet. If you want to choose to wear half face helmets, you need to consider certain buying factors before purchasing the headwear.

Half-face headgears are a decent helmet type and make safe head protection on your head. If you prefer to wear other helmet types, you can go for a full face helmet.

There have been certain debates about full-face and half-face helmets. To unwrap the points, riders prefer to wear full face helmet as the helmet covers the head fully and works in extreme weather conditions. Full face helmets can adjust the size correctly and do not fly off at high speeds and prove to be the safest helmet type in head protection. This safest helmet makes a great reason riders prefer to wear full face headgears.

Full face helmets have pitfalls as full face helmets can cause suffocation if not worn the right head size. Since the helmet works in all weather conditions, it can be an issue to wear in the heat as full face helmets can bring suffocation. This reason allowed riders to wear a half face helmet.

The full coverage makes it difficult to eat, drink and speak, as you have to take off the headwear when stopping at the petrol station. Riders wear half face helmets due to the wider exposure of the face and chin making it easy to speak, eat and drink.

Reasons to Wear a Half Face Helmet: A Summary

Half face helmets can bring benefits and pitfalls. But it does not mean you cannot wear half face helmets at all! To sum up all the points, there are certain reasons to wear half face headgear. Such reasons mention below:

  • Half face helmets are lightweight in which it does not put extra pressure on the neck and shoulders.
  • With the exposure of the head, eyes, and face, half-face helmets leave a swish of wind and air passing across the face for natural ventilation. This helps to avoid the feeling of suffocation.
  • Half helmets make great wear in the summer rides due to the exposure of the face and eyes. This benefit allows you to drink, speak and eat without flipping up the chin bar or face shield.
  • Half-face helmets do not require certain accessories such as extra visors or a breath guard as there is already ventilation in the helmet. However, riders supposed to wear glasses or goggles for protecting their eyes from debris.
  • Wearing half-face helmets are easy to turn your head around and feel like it is part of your head.
  • Half-face helmets give a streamlined construction at high speeds in which reduces wind and drags on the road.

Wrap Up

Here is the guide on why should you choose a half helmet. Wearing a half helmet brings benefits and consequences to road safety and head protection. Riders wear half-face helmets due to freedom of riding and exposure to natural ventilation. It is important to look for a certain helmet type for your ride. If you like to wear a half-face helmet, refer to this guide above.

So wear a half-face helmet and enjoy the ride! Sporty Journal.