If you have never been to Bali, you are missing out on a fantastic experience. When planning a pleasure trip, some travelers overlook the many appealing aspects of choosing to tour Bali. Whether you are going alone, as a couple, or with a group or family, there is much to see and do on the island. Check out More Photo Opportunities on Vacation.

Expand Your View of the World Through Bali Culture

The culture of Bali is rich and full of vibrant traditions. The Hindu religion heavily influences the area because of the significant number of followers. Expand your knowledge and gain a better perspective on how different people live in other parts of the world. The cultural aspect is engaging, entertaining and also provides a unique learning experience that you cannot find in many other places.


Get As Much Sun and Surf as You Want

One of the most popular features on the island is the luxurious beaches. Bali enjoys gorgeous weather, which makes the sandy shoreline even more attractive. The waters also provide an excellent place for activities, such as surfing and skimboarding. Bask in the brilliant sun or grab SCUBA gear and see what is hiding under the glistening tide. Simmers, beachcombers, and those who love to get a good tan will love the long stretches of beach accessible all around the island.


Plan a Fulfilling Trip That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Cost plays a significant role in the planning of many vacations. The good news is that Bali is relatively inexpensive compared to other exotic destinations. You will also feel like a millionaire when you see the currency conversion from the U.S. dollar to the Indonesian rupiah. The current exchange rate is approximately 11,350 rupiah to 1 USD.

Energetic Nightlife Will Keep You Entertained

Some vacation destinations are attractive until the sun goes down and there’s nothing left to do. Bali, on the other hand, has an energetic nightlife. Rather than sit in a hotel room until dawn, you can head out for exciting entertainment, which is conveniently located close to most of the island’s famous hotels. There are clubs, bars, and restaurants that offer trendy scenery and a fun, modern atmosphere. If you aren’t renting a vehicle, taxis are available in most areas that usually provide reasonable rates.


Unique Natural Landscape Complete with Volcanoes

Bali is home to a lush ecosystem that is packed with fascinating flora and fauna. There are various land features, from imposing volcanoes to pristine beaches and verdant tropical forests. The unique rice terraces are worth admiring, with distinct layers that seem to cascade down rolling hills covered in vibrant green. You will want to pack a camera with extra film or memory cards because there will be many stunning scenes that you will want to photograph as a reminder of Bali’s beauty.