Do you know why Xiaomi phones are cheaper and affordable than any other smartphone brand? Cheap Xiaomi phones make them- affordable, and that’s how the Chinese brand becomes popular in a short time. Through this blog, you will understand how the Chinese brand got their popularity and ability to sell their smartphones and other products at a lower price than other brands.

Xiaomi Flash Sale

Xiaomi flash sale is one of the biggest reasons why Xiaomi phones are cheaper than any other smartphones. In a flash sale, the company produces a limited number of seats, say around 45 to 50 thousand, and sells an equal number within a short period. This company avoids the possible storage costs of these phones and earns good profits. However, many fans criticize this policy as due to the limited stock, not everyone can get phones on the flash sale.

Expansion of customer base to other countries

Xiaomi has expanded its customer base to outside China to countries like Brazil, Southeast Asia, India, and other countries. This expansion of their wings to other countries helped them reach out to other customers outside China and build a strong presence worldwide. This broader reach allows them to cater to people’s demands with their smartphones and reach out to more customers.

Offers Low Prices

Xiaomi offers low prices of their smartphone as compared to its competitors of similar or same products. If competitors try to sell their products at the same price, Xiaomi could suffer a loss. For example, if the manufacturing cost of a product is Rs 100 for the company and its competitors, all fix the selling price to Rs 200, then this could result in a huge competition. In the case of Xiaomi, they sell their products around Rs 110 to 120 at a bigger scale and generate huge profits with sales and offers.


Many companies have partnered with a well-known brand Qualcomm to offer better prices to customers. Qualcomm is a renowned brand and is also the founder partner of Xiaomi. The company is known to provide mobile processors to smartphone manufacturing companies. Being a partner, Mi gets these processors at a cheaper price as compared to its competitors. And that’s the reason why its phones cost less.

Reliable phones and service

You often hear people complaining that Chinese products are not reliable and that Chinese phones’ are not reliable. But when it comes to Xiaomi phones, there is a different brand image in their mind. The hardware of Xiaomi phones render is good, and the company is increasing their service centers to serve their customers better.

No Bloatware

Most mobile phones come with preinstalled apps that most users don’t need and consume much space. These mobile apps are also non-removable. But with Xiaomi there is no such case; they offer very few removable apps and give more space to a smartphone which means better performance. These preinstalled apps are also known as bloatware, and Xiaomi contains only essential apps giving them an edge over their competitors.

These are some of the reasons why Xiaomi can give better specifications and features to their customers while keeping the price of the products low. Using superior quality of hardware, better chipset, no warranty void has attracted the customers towards it and makes the Xiaomi Best Smartphones stand apart from others and become a popular smartphone brand quickly. All these facts are enough to make it clear why Xiaomi phones are so affordable than other brands.