Buying quality clothing in general and business shirts in particular is about looking good. But not only that. There are several reasons why choosing quality over quantity matters.

  1. Quality Shirts Make You Look Professional

 Whether or not we like it, people instantly size us up based on what we are wearing. These snap judgements based on clothing create a context against which our personality and behaviours are compared.

Simply put, clothes can be powerful. What you wear is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate your personal sense of style and to send some non-verbal communication to everyone who sees you.

Business shirts are one of the must-have office clothing staples that pair with everything else in your closet and serve as the perfect business-chic basics. When done right, these shirts have what it takes to elevate everyday styles and to give you a more polished aesthetic. You will look sharp, you will look professional, and you will get the looks for all the right reasons.

Or as Coco Chanel said it: “Dress shabbily, they remember the dress; dress impeccably, they remember the woman.”

  1. Wearing Quality Clothes Makes You Feel Good

What you wear makes a huge difference not just on how you’re perceived by other but also, and perhaps even more importantly, on how you feel about yourself. When you feel comfortable and happy with the way you look, it will reflect on your mood.

Quality business shirts will make you feel good because they are normally made of fine cotton that feels soft and luxurious against your skin. Also, you can expect to look impeccable and well-dressed thanks to the good craftsmanship and beautiful finish. Consequently, when you feel good and look good, it will have a positive impact on your confidence. And then nothing can stop you.

  1. Quality Women’s Business Shirts Add Elegance

A beautiful business shirt gives you a stylish appearance and adds elegance to your style. You may not think that there is much of a difference between two white dress shirts, but when you put them side-by-side, you will start to notice differences in quality. And so will people around you.

There is no denying that quality shirts simply look more elegant and expensive. The fabric, the details, the stitching – it’s a completely different league.

  1. Choosing Quality Saves You Time and Money

Buying quality business shirts saves you time and money, even if the selection process takes time and the initial expense is higher. In the long run, though, you’ll actually save money and time.

It is no secret that the better shirts are made, the longer they are going to last. Cheaper shirts may seem like a bargain, but when you factor in replacements, that bargain creeps up in price over time.

Quality shirts, while more expensive, are inherently better made. From the higher-end fabrics that last longer to the stitching, business shirts you spend more on are designed to last.

Choosing quality over price thus means saving money and also less hassle. It means more time to do what you actually want to instead of having to go off in search of a replacement.

  1. Preferring Quality Supports Sustainability

High quality and superior products are synonymous with sustainable clothing. Premium fabrics are stronger and will maintain their appearance. Quality craftsmanship will make sure that your business shirts will last you for years. You won’t have to continue buying new clothes all the time.

By reducing the amount of clothing that you need to buy, you will be reducing your waste and supporting sustainability.

How to Spot Quality?

The term “quality” is thrown around by almost everyone who has something to sell. But what does a “quality business shirt” really mean?

The two main things to look for in high-quality shirts are the fabric and the workmanship.

Fabric is hands-down the most important component of a business shirt. No matter how beautiful the details or how well-crafted the seams are, a dress shirt made from a flimsy, synthetic fabric is never a good addition to any wardrobe. Good dress shirts should be made of 100% cotton the quality of which can be determined by properties like ply and thread count.

The workmanship is visible from various details:

  • the construction of the collar – does it have the stiffness that allows the collar to stand up with a rigid formal look?
  • the stitching – if you flip a shirt inside out it should look of equal quality.
  • cleanly finished button-holes – these should be machine stitched for a clean appearance, the more stitches, the better.
  • the construction of the cuffs – is there interlining that adds structure?
  • Tightly sewn buttons.

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