WordPress website is not just set up and forget it, it’s a collection of software from different vendors that all work together. In some cases or in some situations updating one piece of software can break your website too. Updating your software allows it to be hacked and infected with malware easier than normal. These things can also shut your website so it has to be cleaned up before it can be brought back online. It also has a chance of getting blacklisted from Google or redirect users to other, unsuitable websites.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a very important, key part of having a website. Additional, an SEO plan takes care of the painstaking set of tasks and helps you get better engine rankings. All of these features of a website are covered in a WordPress care plan. Maintaining a website and proper website care plans is a long term search engine result and a very technical task. 


WordPress care Plan- Basic

The WordPress care plan comes with a full set of services that help create a solid foundation for the maintenance and upkeep of your website. Services include a fast and secure website, protects you from wrong things happening, backup files and content, updates and much more. Here is a list of services that we provide to our customers. 


Managed Hosting

Superfast hosting built for WordPress is built on the enterprise-grade infrastructure of the Google Cloud platform that delivers lightning-fast website speeds using a content delivery network to serve up your content to site visitors. The perfect blend of extremely fast, super secure and highly scalable.


Software Update and Compatibility Support

WordPress core, themes, frameworks, and plugins need to be updated. To update this code properly, your website should be completely backed up before any updates begin. Once the update starts, if there is an issue, it’s reverted back to a working state right away. There’s nothing that has been corrupted or made non-operational. Updates are also important to fix bugs, increase security and provide feature enhancements. 


Software License Management

A website that builds requires the functionality of one or two premium third-party plugins. The prices have been increased once it’s updated. The plugin will work if it’s not repurchased but there is no telling for how long it’ll be compatible with other software.


Content Management

If you want images then the website planner will take care of them. It’ll also help put the content you have written into a blog post or page, format it, and schedule or publish it- making sure it’s SEO friendly and saving you time by doing all of the work for you. 


Site Backups and Restorations

Your website will be backed up weekly including all files and databases. The database is what stores all the content and website settings. In case, if something went wrong, we have backups to restore your website right away. 


24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Whether it’s a website problem/server problem, websites go down once in a while. If there’s a problem, we’ll be able to address it. 


Speed Performance Implementation and Monitoring

Implementing different speed optimization techniques as well as other performance-enhancing tricks that will not only help visitors ability to get information faster but will help you rank higher in search engines. Make a note that the slower your website is, the more visitors you lose. 


Database Cleaning and Optimization

Over time your database stores unnecessary junk. It needs to be cleaned for optimum performance. 


Stellar Priority Support

We’re really quick to respond to clients, but you’ll get even faster response times. 


If you’re searching for WordPress care plans or Website care plans services, you’re at the right place. We would love to connect with you. Choose us and enjoy the peace of mind that your site’s being well looked after, every day.

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